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Listening English allows you to improve your English listening skills quickly and systematically.

The articles are divided into five levels of difficulty, which range from very easy to very challenging. As your listening proficiency improves, you can select articles from more challenging levels. The announcers speak in North American or British accents.
One important way to strengthen learning a foreign language listen to Mac Almaty to that language. These days with MP3 Player and mobile devices, as well as the audio of conversations in English, is also a good way to strengthen the power of hearing and conversation .
Learn English via Listening set containing a collection of more than 500 audio files in 6 different levels that sentences in each file to one of Rvzmrhtryn topics.
You can chose wich one you want to listen
Content List:
Level 1: 116 Articles
Level 2: 107 Articles
Level 3: 100 Articles
Level 4: 90 Articles
Level 5: 60 Articles
Level 6: Conversation

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