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Brent Smith - Bulletproof Banter

Brent Smith - Bulletproof Banter

Almost 5 hours of info about how to attract hot women in bars and clubs without pick up attitude/chaser attitude in such a good way that you attract girls even if you don't want to!

-"MANTASTIC Program.

Seriously a must have for anyone that wants to get to the next level ASAP."

-" Bantering is so much fun. Last weekend I was just trying to get a drink at the bar and this girl was like "Hey you hit my elbow.what's your name?" (at the same time giving me sort of a pissed of flirty look).and I just said to her "Listen, if you want to flirt with me, you are going to have to buy me a drink first". Her response was "That's going to be before we have tell me your name"

I was surprised at how easy this stuff can be and girls can be very bold when you are the archetypal man. Another example from the weekend, same thing just trying to get a drink at the bar.I ordered a rum and coke and there were two cute just points at my drink and says something.can't really remember. I used selective listening and say "Look if you want to makeout with me, just come out and say it" She says "I can't .this is my girlfriend.(while grabbing the other girl). At this point, the other girl just turns around and say "It's not a problem.we are both bisexual!" This was literally within 30 seconds of meeting them. I ended up making out with both of them later that night but did not hook up. Whatever.
I definitely recommend the "banter program" by Brent and Mitch.really cool stuff on Bulletproof Banter

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