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Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) certification confirms the candidate's understanding of OS X's core functionality as well as having the ability to configure key services, perform basic troubleshooting, and support multiple users with essential OS X capabilities. Candidates for this course may be in a role of help desk professional, technical coordinator, or power user who supports OS X users, manages networks, or provides technical support for the Mac.

Installation and Configuration

Episode Length:12 minutes, 49 seconds
Getting Prepared
Episode Length:36 minutes, 30 seconds
Installing El Capitan
Episode Length:31 minutes, 29 seconds
OS Recovery
Episode Length:26 minutes, 57 seconds
Initial Configuration
Episode Length:29 minutes, 27 seconds
Initial Configuration Part 2
Episode Length:31 minutes, 23 seconds
Initial Configuration Part 3
Episode Length:30 minutes, 13 seconds

Topic Title:User Accounts

Managing User Accounts
Episode Length:30 minutes, 1 second
Managing User Accounts Part 2
Episode Length:29 minutes, 15 seconds
Multiple User Accounts
Episode Length:28 minutes, 38 seconds
User Account Security
Episode Length:31 minutes, 49 seconds

Topic Title:File Systems

File Storage
Episode Length:32 minutes, 27 seconds
File Storage Part 2
Episode Length:34 minutes, 22 seconds
Securing Data
Episode Length:28 minutes, 56 seconds
File Permissions
Episode Length:33 minutes, 54 seconds
File Permissions Part 2
Episode Length:31 minutes, 7 seconds
File Permissions Part 3
Episode Length:26 minutes, 34 seconds

Topic TitleSmilieyata Management

Managing Files
Episode Length:36 minutes, 3 seconds
Managing Files Part 2
Episode Length:37 minutes, 32 seconds
Archives and Images
Episode Length:22 minutes, 52 seconds
Time Machine
Episode Length:35 minutes

Topic Title:Applications and Processes

Managing Applicaitons
Episode Length:33 minutes, 41 seconds
Application Data
Episode Length:34 minutes, 1 second
Application Data Part 2
Episode Length:27 minutes, 8 seconds
Application Support
Episode Length:30 minutes, 45 seconds
Application Support Part 2
Episode Length:31 minutes, 31 seconds
Application Support Part 3
Episode Length:33 minutes, 33 seconds

Topic Title:Network Configuration

Network Configuration
Episode Length:43 minutes, 26 seconds
Network Configuration Part 2
Episode Length:33 minutes, 26 seconds
Network Configuration Part 3
Episode Length:32 minutes, 27 seconds
Network Configuration Part 4
Episode Length:34 minutes, 51 seconds

Topic Title:Network Services

Using iCloud
Episode Length:33 minutes, 49 seconds
Sharing Resources
Episode Length:32 minutes, 57 seconds
Sharing Resources Part 2
Episode Length:30 minutes, 24 seconds

Topic Title:System Management

Peripheral Devices
Episode Length:38 minutes, 48 seconds
Supporting Printers
Episode Length:35 minutes, 46 seconds
System Troubleshooting
Episode Length:36 minutes, 43 seconds
System Troubleshooting Part 2
Episode Length:29 minutes, 30 seconds

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