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Subtle Energy Sciences - Audio Ormus (Audio Entheogen Series)

Subtle Energy Sciences - Audio Ormus (Audio Entheogen Series)

AUDIO ORMUS contains a pioneering new "Energetically Encoded Audio" technology that encodes potent energy medicine signatures into digital audio. When played on a computer, smart phone, mp3 player, CD player or tablet, the audio automatically broadcasts the energetic signatures of:

White Powder Gold
Orbitally Re-Arranged Monatomic Elements of:

• Gold
• Platinum
• Iridium
• Osmium
• Silver
• Palladium
• Rhodium
• Ruthenium
• Copper
• Nickel
• Cobalt

Healing Signatures:

• Higher Harmonic of White
• Higher Harmonic of Gold
• Higher Harmonic of Violet

Here's What You Get:

• 80 Minutes of Soothing Ocean Waves and Pure Ormus Energy

1. 20 min Ocean Soundtrack (with the energetically encoded ORMUS frequencies)
2. 60 min Ocean Soundtrack (with the energetically encoded ORMUS frequencies)

• ORMUS Digital Energy Mandala as a high quality PNG file (with the energetically encoded ORMUS frequencies)
• Digital Energy Mandala Manual

From the Creator of Audio Ormus:

I'm very excited to introduce to you a new generation of Energetically Encoded Audio technology called AUDIO ORMUS - The Energetic Signature of White Powder Gold, which is the first installment of an ongoing "Audio Entheogen" series of forthcoming audios. If you've ever heard of Ormus (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements), you'll know it contains a unique version of rare minerals which exhibit subtle energetic properties.

The late Richard Gerber (author of Vibrational Medicine), when speaking of an ormus element formulation identical to the one featured in Audio Ormus, referred to it as being "well suited to individuals beginning to open to higher consciousness, self-healing, and a path of spiritual transformation."

Here are some of the effects that I and others have experienced so far:

• A pronounced increase in heart connection and heart-centered focus
• Increased focus, enthusiasm and engagement
• Increased joy and compassion
• A sense of being purified physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
• Very strong but gentle, warm, tingling feelings all over the surface of the skin
• A strong swirling sensation at the middle point just above my eyebrows
• Increased vitality and energy, with no jitters
• Some have experienced decreased appetite
• Some have experienced a tangible gravitation towards their highest values
• Healthy habits and discipline seem easier
• Enhanced positive attitude
• Increased creativity and resourcefulness

Optimal results will be best achieved by incorporating the program into your daily routine for several hours or more at a time. You might start using it for three or four hours at a time first, then check and see how you feel. If you feel a bit overstimulated, no problem; you'll recover quickly, indeed. Just cease use of it for a few hours or more and take note of how long it took you to reach that point. This will now be your recommended 'dose.'

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