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iAwake Technologies - Solar Infusion with Leigh Spusta 24 Bit

iAwake Technologies - Solar Infusion with Leigh Spusta 24 Bit

Solar Infusion is a 40-minute psychoacoustic composition specially designed to foster the experience of moving into coherence with the essence of life-force energy, allowing you to relax deeply and attune to the highest expression of your being.

Solar Infusion can help you:

Move through depression and sadness
Lighten your negative thoughts and perspectives
Set the stage for even deeper meditation and healing
Help release mental & emotional dross, so you can hear your intuitive wisdom voice
Feel a powerful pick-me-up when you are tired, drained, and lacking in inspiration
Stay centered and happy during the winter if you live in a cold clime
Journey to a place of centeredness, compassion, and higher understanding
Open your heart and increase feelings of joy and gratitude

Solar Infusion works by inducing an alpha rhythm of 8 cycles per second, by an encoded isochronic beat, to entrain the brain into low alpha waves, in the range of the Schumann Resonance, the Earth's primary resonance.

The deep relaxation is triggered by the use of vibro-acoustic tones and flowing textures in the sound. The psycho-acoustic approach to the arrangement and harmonic spectrum of this track promote a sense of the vibrant light of the sun.

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