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Rich Cleaner Boot Camp - Joe Polish

Rich Cleaner Boot Camp - Joe Polish

Dear Fellow Cleaning Professional,

Could it really be possible that just a few of the "right" ads in the "right" places could double or triple the number of new, high quality clients you get each month?

I don't know about you... but if someone would have told me this when I was first starting out in the carpet cleaning business (and struggling to fill my gas tank to get to the next job) I would have told them they were absolutely crazy.

But these days I see it happen all the time.

You see, that was before I discovered 5 marketing 'secrets' - unknown to 99% of all cleaning industry professionals - that enabled me to take my own struggling carpet cleaning business from just $2,100 a month to $12,300 a month in just 6 short months. And since then I've helped literally HUNDREDS of other cleaners - in many different markets, and even different countries - grow their businesses by a whole lot more.

Check out this short video in which one of my students, Sandy Raskob, shares the secret of how she was able to take her cleaning business from doing $175,000 a year to nearly 2 million dollars a year in just 36 months.

(Pay close attention, because there are actually *2* important business-building lessons in this short video - which if you follow... practically guarantee your business will grow this year - no matter what happens with "the economy")
Actually just 2 things - the 2 important business-building lessons I mentioned earlier. These lessons are simple, and they go together. Here they are:

>>> Lesson 1

The Fastest Way To Grow Your Cleaning Business In Today's Economy Is Not By Doing More Hard Work... But By Improving Your Marketing!

>>> Lesson 2

The Fastest Way To Improve Your Marketing Is NOT By Throwing Your Money Away Trying Out Things That Might Work... But By Getting Proven Ads That Have Brought In Hordes Of New Clients For Other Cleaning Businesses... And Simply Copying Them!

Yes, you read that right. The one thing these cleaners have in common is that they are all using the exact same "blueprint" for success... a set of advertisements and techniques that have been proven to give a carpet cleaner an almost "unfair" advantage over his competitors in any market in the country...

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