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VO Success Formula

VO Success Formula

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Dear Frustrated (But Smart) Voice Over Talent,

Do you remember the first time you discovered the Voice Over business? Do you remember how excited you were during those first couple of days about the possibilities? Do you remember your dreams of success?
Quick Question #1:
Is Voice Over Success FACT or FICTION?

I don't know about you, but here's what I wanted, here's what I was told, and here's what I believed about my "ideal" voice over business:

I could set my own hours (morning, noon, or night)
I could sleep in as late as I wanted (and do it on my own time)
I could do it all from my house in my pajamas, or while on the road across America, or from any country in the world (freedom)
I could literally talk into a mic, audition and land gigs instantly (easy lifestyle)
I could ramp it all up within a month or two (I don't want to wait years)

Whether you're looking to make ends meet, get out of debt, add another income stream, or build up your nest egg for the future... wouldn't a simple one thousand dollars, five thousand, ten thousand dollars or more in the very near future accelerate the progress towards your next life milestone?

"Just this morning I had made back the amount that I invested in this course!"

My thoughts about this course are just to say thank you so much for sharing all of this information. I really appreciate your demeanor and style. My husband was watching the webcasts over my shoulder and, he really appreciated everything you had to say. Just your business sense and common sense approach is much appreciated. You used the word integrity on your Facebook post this morning, and your own integrity is obvious to us.

Just to give you my background; I have no experience as a voice over talent. I have had vocal training for singing, but no specific voice over training. I have a degree in physical therapy, and I worked with children with disabilities or injuries for my whole career. I loved it, but we now hove four children of our own ranging from just about to enter high school down to a kindergartner. For the past four years I have been home full time with them because we didn't want to miss out on these important years. My husband is also a physical therapist, and we have simply made it work. When you go to school for a specified field like this, it is hard to see how to move out of that into a business model, but we both want to do that.

But for now, we really would like to go on vacation...

And save for college... small things:)

I started listening to Bill's YouTube channel just around Thanksgiving, and we got excited about the idea of me making money while continuing to stay home. My husband already has a small side business in video/media so he had a really good mic and Adobe Audition. I just couldn't figure out how to get started without investing a lot in training and demos. I didn't want to invest too much if it was going to be a dead end. I tentatively signed up for this course because of the great testimonial you gave in Bill Dewees's original email. I have been on fiverr for about 40 days now (I made an account to check it out before signing up for the course) and just this morning I had made back the amount that I invested in this course! I thought that was pretty cool! I definitely need coaching and a demo, but I am on my way to actually being able to pay for that with my fiverr business. That makes so much more sense to me.

All that to say, this has been a great experience. I am hoping to become a little better with workflow since I truly do not have more than 1-2 hours to give to anything else on my full plate. I, for one, am very glad that fiverr seems to just give you a little more in measured amounts, otherwise I would be extremely overwhelmed. I have gotten 5-6 orders a day for the past 4 days and I am using my whole hour to finish those. I can keep up with the responses throughout the day on my phone, but I really appreciate the practice of recording this many (or this few, I guess). I was faster today, so it's a good learning pace for me. When they up how many orders they send through again, I feel like I will be ready for it. Shockingly, my buyers have been pleased with my work. I think customer care is more important than talent in this case (probably in most cases).

Hope this feedback helps you in some way.

My husband wanted to say thank you as well, and now he is planning to start doing voice overs for an hour a day too! How fun is that!

I wish you all the best.

Jody (and Jeremy) Smith

Quick Question #2:
How Much?

How much money would it take (per month) to quit your job, buy that house (or at least cover the down payment), retire (even 5 years earlier), get out of debt, or just increase your income by 10 percent per month?

Cover the costs of your websites, office equipment, or cell phone bill
Have enough money to hire a virtual assistant
Generate extra spending money or gas money


Lease a BMW or Jaguar
Cover the cost of renting an office
Build up an emergency cash cushion in your bank account
Save up enough for a nice vacation


Lease a Tesla
Pay for your kids' college fund or car payments
Have enough money to hire an employee
Afford a bigger house or apartment


Pay off your mortgage early
Max out your retirement account
Buy a second home or third car
Replace your day job income

Note: How much money you make is entirely up to you. The above is simply what WE would do with that extra spending money.

Pay very close attention to this web page because we're about to reveal what you can do, starting today, to ACTUALLY make money as a voice over talent/artist.

Whatever up's, down's, and plateau's you've experienced in your voice over journey to-date, I sincerely believe it's far from over. I also know that because you've made your way to this web page, and are reading these words in front of you, you are somewhat dissatisfied or at least BORED with the current direction you're heading.

I would even guess that if I could show you how to make $96-$307 dollars per hour online as a successful voice over talent without name recognition, auditions or even previous experience then you'd be interested in replacing your current efforts with this easy income stream.

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