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Ultra Intelligence is the work of the Late Dr. John-David.

John-David was among an elite group of cutting-edge neuroscientists and educators who believed - long before the concept of "whole brain learning" was accepted by the mainstream - that the mind/body/spirit are divinely interconnected and resonate, on a cellular level, to sound and vibration.

As John-David explained it, certain sounds and frequencies "speak" directly to the brain/mind, creating a biochemical response in the neurotransmitters of the brain.

His numerous case studies showed that these special tones and frequencies - when sent to pre-designated areas of the mind and body - can actually accelerate learning, eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors and strengthen the body's immune system.

That is, he discovered that the human brain can literally be tuned to far greater levels of performance.

Today we know this to be true.

After 20 years of research and experimentation with sound patterns and tones played at varying frequencies, he created an audio program using unique vibratory patterns to stimulate the brain's neurons and boost synaptic response.

This allowed listeners to achieve quantum breakthroughs in accelerated learning. He called this masterpiece ULTRA-INTELLIGENCE®!

Users of ULTRA-INTELLIGENCE® were absolutely blown away when they began to experience:

* Increased creativity & problem solving skills
* The ability to think faster
* Increased recall, focus and concentration
* Increased ability to multi-task
* Increased sensory awareness
* The ability to remain calm and focused during high-stress situations
* Increased self-confidence
* Episodes of lucid dreaming

Try it and share your experience!

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