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The Foundry - The Product Pitch - MODO Training
The Foundry - The Product Pitch - MODO Training
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In this tutorial The Product Pitch - MODO Training for CPG The Foundrys own James Darknell takes you through the entire workflow of building all the necessary elements for a new product pitch, aimed at the fast moving Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) market segment. Elements of the pitch include a rendered product shot of a realistic candy container filled with chiclet shaped Fruit Bites. You will also build and render the fruit elements that are used for the products label and then reused for a final mock advertisement
What is included with the product?
16 videos segments
27 scenes in LXO format
20 assorted images and backdrops
Experience level:
All levels. Basic knowledge of MODO UI + navigation, some experience in general modeling will be helpful but not required.

Software compatibility:
MODO 901 SP3 and later

Product format:
Training videos are at resolution and narrated in English.
Video 01: Introduction - Introduction to the CPG product pitch and concept, followed by an overview of key MODO knowledge necessary for the training.
Video 02: Modeling the Orange - Building the realistic orange, gathering reference and using Multi-Res sculpting to add in details.
Video 03: Surfacing the Orange - Using Procedural shaders to create a realistic displacement map for the oranges rind.
Video 04: Making Lemons - Using the Orange as a base, the models is modified to be a lemon.
Video 5: Modeling the Cherry - Using techniques applied in the earlier lesson, the Cherry is modeled with a realistic stem and leaf.
Video 6: Surfacing the Cherry - Applying procedural textures to create a realistic surface and baking the textures out to image maps.
Video 7: Posing the Cherries - Applying a custom spline deformer to pose the cherry stems and then freezing the result for later use.
Video 8: Modeling the Strawberry - Baking out custom seed displacement maps and then applying them as a texture replicator.
Video 9: Surfacing the Strawberry - Using subsurface scattering for realistic berry skin and applying fur to the leafy berry top.
Video 10: All Fruits:- Composing the four fruit elements into a single scene for rendering the label image.
Video 11: Modeling the Package - Modeling the candy container using Catmull Clark Subdivision surfaces.
Video 12: Surfacing the Package - Using stacked shaders to combine the elements that create the completed package label.
Video 13: Filling the Package - Using dynamics to realistically fill the container with the colorful candy pieces.
Video 14: Candy Surfacing - Applying displacement maps to the candy for added realism and finalizing the surfacing on the container for a rendered product shot.
Video 15: Creating the Mock Ad - Combining all the various elements and composing them into the final rendered image. Particles are employed to generate the candy spray.
Video 16: Wrap-up - Project summary and wrap up.



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