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MCSA Windows 10 - 70-697 (ITProTV)
MCSA ShiChuang 10 - 70-697 (ITProTV)
Size: 4.56 GB Type: eLearning

Manage identity
Course Length: 16 hours, 43 minutes

Episode Length:6 minutes, 45 seconds
ShiChuang Store and Apps
Episode Length:28 minutes, 14 seconds
ShiChuang Store and Apps Part 2
Episode Length:22 minutes, 35 seconds
ShiChuang Store and Apps Part 3
Episode Length:21 minutes, 34 seconds
Supporting Authentication
Episode Length:27 minutes, 24 seconds
Support Authentication Part 2
Episode Length:32 minutes, 43 seconds
Support Authentication Part 3
Episode Length:28 minutes, 22 seconds
Support Authentication Part 4
Episode Length:8 minutes, 46 seconds
Topic TitleSmilieylan desktop and device deployment

Configuring Hyper-V
Episode Length:31 minutes, 19 seconds
Configuring Hyper-V Part 2
Episode Length:31 minutes, 39 seconds
Configuring Hyper-V Part 3
Episode Length:40 minutes, 38 seconds
Mobility Options
Episode Length:28 minutes, 35 seconds
Mobility Options Part 2
Episode Length:32 minutes, 33 seconds
Mobility Options Part 3
Episode Length:31 minutes, 42 seconds
Mobility Options Part 4
Episode Length:30 minutes, 7 seconds
Using Powercfg
Episode Length:30 minutes, 34 seconds
Using Powercfg Part 2
Episode Length:21 minutes, 27 seconds
Supporting BitLocker
Episode Length:29 minutes, 31 seconds
Topic TitleSmilieylan and implement a WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Intune device management solution

Support Mobile Devices
Episode Length:31 minutes, 18 seconds
Updating with Intune
Episode Length:18 minutes, 15 seconds
Intune Device Management
Episode Length:30 minutes, 31 seconds
Intune Device Management Part 2
Episode Length:32 minutes, 36 seconds
Topic Title:Configure networking

Configure IP Settings
Episode Length:23 minutes, 53 seconds
Configure IP Settings Part 2
Episode Length:38 minutes, 8 seconds
Configure Network Security
Episode Length:29 minutes, 45 seconds
Configure Network Security Part 2
Episode Length:28 minutes, 28 seconds
Topic Title:Configure storage

Supporting Data Security
Episode Length:37 minutes, 53 seconds
Data Security
Episode Length:25 minutes, 24 seconds
Data Security Part 2
Episode Length:13 minutes, 1 second
Topic Title:Manage data access and protection

Configure Shared Resources
Episode Length:29 minutes, 34 seconds
File and Folder Access
Episode Length:33 minutes, 36 seconds
File and Folder Access Part 2
Episode Length:32 minutes, 37 seconds
Topic Title:Manage remote access

Remote Connections
Episode Length:31 minutes, 48 seconds
Topic Title:Manage apps

Azure RemoteApp
Episode Length:19 minutes, 28 seconds
Topic Title:Manage updates and recovery

System Recovery
Episode Length:31 minutes, 5 seconds
Updates and File Recovery
Episode Length:31 minutes, 25 seconds

MCSA Windows 10 - 70-697 (ITProTV)

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