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Azure SQL
Course Length: 10 hours, 29 minutes

Episode Length:5 minutes, 28 seconds
Introduction to Azure SQL
Episode Length:35 minutes, 29 seconds
Creating Your First Database
Episode Length:31 minutes, 34 seconds
Connecting Your Client
Episode Length:34 minutes, 52 seconds
Using Elastic Pools
Episode Length:31 minutes, 18 seconds
Migrating Databases to Azure
Episode Length:37 minutes, 42 seconds
Tables and Data
Episode Length:30 minutes, 7 seconds
Azure Automation
Episode Length:33 minutes, 47 seconds
Exporting Data
Episode Length:31 minutes, 19 seconds
Implementing Indexes
Episode Length:29 minutes, 48 seconds
Implementing Indexes Part 2
Episode Length:27 minutes, 5 seconds
Database Maintenance
Episode Length:31 minutes, 32 seconds
Monitoring Azure SQL
Episode Length:29 minutes, 37 seconds
This episode is currently selected. Scaling Up/Down
Episode Length:26 minutes, 24 seconds
Geographical Redundancy
Episode Length:36 minutes, 58 seconds
Self-Service Restore
Episode Length:33 minutes, 3 seconds
Controlling Network Access
Episode Length:26 minutes, 40 seconds
Users and Roles
Episode Length:25 minutes, 57 seconds
Permissions and Schemas
Episode Length:22 minutes, 4 seconds
Database Auditing
Episode Length:31 minutes, 43 seconds
Deploying Applications
Episode Length:36 minutes, 56 seconds

Azure Virtual Machine
Course Length: 9 hours, 14 minutes

Episode Length:6 minutes, 6 seconds
WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Azure Basics
Episode Length:32 minutes, 48 seconds
Virtual Machine Types
Episode Length:32 minutes, 5 seconds
Creating Virtual Machines
Episode Length:31 minutes, 9 seconds
Azure PowerShell
Episode Length:30 minutes, 33 seconds
Connecting to a VM
Episode Length:29 minutes, 38 seconds
Virtual Machine Storage
Episode Length:29 minutes, 42 seconds
Virtual Machine Storage Part 2
Episode Length:34 minutes, 48 seconds
Storage Pools
Episode Length:28 minutes, 40 seconds
Azure Files
Episode Length:24 minutes, 24 seconds
Cloud Services
Episode Length:29 minutes, 57 seconds
Resource Groups
Episode Length:32 minutes, 26 seconds
Virtual Machine Networking
Episode Length:31 minutes, 37 seconds
Load Balancing
Episode Length:35 minutes, 45 seconds
Availability Sets
Episode Length:27 minutes
Episode Length:34 minutes, 17 seconds
Azure Custom Scripts
Episode Length:27 minutes, 9 seconds
Backup and Restore
Episode Length:28 minutes, 2 seconds
Azure VM Images
Episode Length:28 minutes, 1 second

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