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ITPRO.TV - AWS Certified SysOps Administrator: ACSA

ITPRO.TV - AWS Certified SysOps Administrator: ACSA
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In this episode, Daniel and Don explore security in Amazon Web Services, both what AWS implements to keep our environment secure as well as what the customer is responsible for. They begin with AWS security measures, specifically infrastructure security like, power redundancy, cooling, and proper data disposal. AWS also provides hardware redundancy, hypervisor isolation, and firewalling.

AWS Security
Episode Length:33 minutes, 24 seconds
Last Viewed: Apr 8, 2016
IAM Components
Episode Length:33 minutes, 3 seconds
IAM Credentials
Episode Length:22 minutes, 59 seconds
IAM Groups and Roles
Episode Length:28 minutes, 43 seconds
IAM Security Policies
Episode Length:34 minutes, 18 seconds
Additional Security Tools
Episode Length:14 minutes, 21 seconds
Topic Title:Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud
Episode Length:30 minutes, 52 seconds
Virtual Private Cloud Part 2
Episode Length:34 minutes, 49 seconds
Topic Title:Elastic Compute Cloud

EC2 Disk Storage
Episode Length:33 minutes, 18 seconds
EC2 Disk Storage Part 2
Episode Length:24 minutes, 8 seconds
Monitoring EC2 Performance
Episode Length:31 minutes, 7 seconds
Monitoring Custom Metrics
Episode Length:32 minutes, 14 seconds
Topic Title:High Availability

High Availability
Episode Length:39 minutes, 23 seconds
Topic Title:Elastic Load Balancer

Elastic Load Balancing
Episode Length:31 minutes, 46 seconds
Elastic Load Balancing Part 2
Episode Length:18 minutes, 40 seconds
Monitoring ELB
Episode Length:20 minutes, 3 seconds
Topic Title:Route 53

Redundancy with Route 53
Episode Length:31 minutes, 55 seconds
Redundancy with Route 53 Part 2
Episode Length:25 minutes, 30 seconds
Redundancy with Route 53 Part 3
Episode Length:23 minutes, 18 seconds
Topic Title:Relational Database Service

RDS Redundancy
Episode Length:30 minutes, 7 seconds
Topic Title:Orchestration

Automation and Orchestration
Episode Length:31 minutes, 46 seconds
Topic Title:Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery Services
Episode Length:33 minutes, 43 seconds
Backup and Recovery Services Part 2
Episode Length:32 minutes
Backup and Restore Scenarios
Episode Length:31 minutes, 46 seconds
Backing up RDS
Episode Length:31 minutes, 48 seconds
Topic Title:Billing and Cost Management

Billing and Cost Management
Episode Length:32 minutes, 4 seconds
Billing and Cost Management Part 2
Episode Length:23 minutes

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