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Video Editing. Inspire your audience with creative flair

Video Editing. Inspire your audience with creative flair

Course Description

Do you want to understand the rules broadcast professionals use when editing a TV show?

Do you want to improve the quality of your videos, to the point where your audience can't get enough?

Are you moving from still photography to video, and is editing is a major challenge?

Are your videos just not getting noticed and shared on your YouTube channel?

Your are a professional video editor, but are not getting noticed because your work is technically fine, but not creatively outstanding?

Then you have come to the right place.

Operators and editors.

In the pro broadcast world, there two types of editors: Operators and editors.

An operator is someone who should be an expert at the software, understands codecs, as well as the export parameters needed for broadcast. Very often, they are not particularly creative. Because it is the technical side that excites them most.

Before you do this course, I have a question:

Do you mainly want to be taught all the technical stuff regarding video production? (called an operator-editor) Or. . .
Do you want to become a creatively intuitive, clever video editor, that can create amazing content from your, or other people's footage? (called an editor)

If you answered 1., then this is not a course for you. I don't teach the tech stuff at all. Because, honestly, I am no expert myself. I have worked in broadcast TV as an editor for 37 years, and I still only have a basic understanding of the tech stuff. Because, believe it or not, I don't need it. And neither do you!

I am an editor. I am not an operator.

Editing video (understanding the software) is easy. It is taught all over the Internet. But find me a truly creative video editing course. I can't find a good one anywhere. So I created this one.

Editing video is easy to do, but difficult to do well. The trouble is, most video courses on the net are presented by filmmakers making wedding videos and low budget music videos for local bands. Very few are broadcast professionals. The proof is that most video editing courses focus primarily on software, which requires limited creative insight.

This course is not about software.

You will learn:

How to attract, grab and hold onto your audience,
How to entertain your audience, and have them wanting more,
How to make your edits seamless and integrated,
How to select music, and avoid the dangers of bad music choices,
How to avoid the traps amateurs often fall into,
How to use the power of visual elements,
The importance of the audio track. Oh, so important!
Music montage editing- easy to do, but difficult to do well,
How to edit dialogue,
How and when to use transitions,
How to maximise the power of sound effects,
Some stuff about YouTube.
Editing software and what's good, and what's less good.

All these skills will make your editing experience easy and intensely creative. You can become a great filmmaker.

You will need:

A broadband Internet connection,
A laptop or desktop computer.
Editing software able to edit multi-layered audio tracks. Manipulating multi-layered audio is fundamental to good editing. Any edit software with multi-layer capability, able to handle your source footage, will do.
A basic understanding of video editing. As this is not a software course, you will need an understanding of your software, how to ingest media from your camera card, and how to set up a time-line to begin editing.
An ongoing project would be an advantage so you can practice some of the techniques shown right away,
A sprit of learning something new and intensely creative,
Be prepared to have some fun.
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