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Adam Short - Niche Profit Full Control(April 2016 UP)

Adam Short - Niche Profit Full Control(April 2016 UP)

Week 1 - Niche Selection

7-Step No Fail Market Research Process
Reverse Engineer the Most Successful Sites In Your Niche
Choose a Niche That Will Make Money Now and Is Fully Scalable
Much, much more!

Week 2 - ASM Setup & Deployment

Create Your Free Report Quickly & Easily
Setup a High-Converting ASM Optin Page in 20 Minutes Or Less
Deploy Your Perfect EFS In Less Than A Day
Fire Off Three FREE Traffic Methods in 30 Minutes Or Less that Work Instantly
Much, Much More!

Week 3 - Products & Funnels

Determine Exactly What Your Market Wants BEFORE You Create It
"Rapid Product Creation Formula" For Creating High-Quality Written & Video Based Products
Integrate Your Products Into "The Perfect Funnel"
Create A Simple Continuity Program That Pays You Daily on Autopilot
Much, Much More!

Week 4 - Conversion Maximization

Copywriting Fundamentals VSLs
Written SLs and Hybrids
My "Fill In The Blank" VSL Template
My "Fill In the Blank" Written SL Template
Install & Optimize Google Analytics Tracking
Install & Optimize Click Tracking
Split Testing A to Z
Much, Much More!

Week 5 - Traffic Ramp Up

Roll Out Product-Specific Retargeting that Will Increase Your Revenue By At Least 30%
Launch a Highly Successful Affiliate Program That Generates Sales 24/7
Lock in Highly Lucrative JV Deals With Larger Affiliates
Launch A Successful Facebook Ads Campaign Much, Much More!

Week 6 - Profit Maximization

Craft and Execute Profitable JV & Internal Product Launch
Expand & Diversify Your EFS With Additional Content & Affiliate Offers
Deploy Targeted Email Promotions Using List Segmenting
Create Instant Income Spikes Anytime You Want Using LTOs
Implement My "Webinar Profit Formula" For Explosive & INSTANT Profit Growth
Much, Much More!

Week 7 - Content Mastery

Launch a Highly Successful Blog
"Rapid Content Creation Formula" For Written & Video Content
Content Publishing Master class: Spread Your Content Through Every Comer of Social Media, SEO & The Web
Organic Traffic: Achieve Top Rankings in Google/Yahoo!/Bing for Your Blog
Much, Much More!

Module 8 - Fine Tune & Solidity

Review & Fine Tune Your ASMs and Profit Generators
Start & Maintain A 5-Star Helpdesk With NO Ongoing Effort On Your Part
Recruit & Manage Contractors To Do All The Heavy Lifting For You
Review My "10 Golden Rules of Long Term Success Online"
Much, Much More!

8 Live Q&A Coaching Calls

One Call Per Training Module
Live Video & Audio via Google Hangouts
Ask Me Anything You´d Like and Get Real-Time Feedback
Accountability & Action Taking

What IS Niche Profit Full Control?
Niche Profit Full Control is a brand new product from the team that brought you Niche Profit Classroom. Its taken them well over a year to develop. and contains a complete. turnkey solution for building a million dollar per year online business.

The program takes students through 2 phrases of building their own online business

Phase 1 is about how-to earn $10.000 per MONTH promoting affiliate products.

o They teach students how to build simple 2 page websites they refer to as "Automatic Selling Machines".

Phase 2 is about scaling UP your business. You will make a key transition from affiliate marketer to both affiliate marketer AND product creator.

o in this section of the training. they provide a blueprint for scaling your online business up to S1 Million Dollars via product funnels. webinars. membership websites. testing. reverse engineering. advanced traffic & conversion strategies AND *takes a deep breath* much more.
Niche Profit Full Control Members Area Here are the main components of the course:

1. The 8 Week Niche Profit Full Control Training program, which includes 8 FULL modules

2. 8 LIVE Q&A Coaching Calls with Adam - he'll answer your questions LIVE and dive DEEPER into various topics AND help students get past any sticking points or issues they may be having.

3. NPFC Templates & Case Studies

4. Adams very own S1 Million Dollar Niche Profit Swipe File

5. The software suite worth WELL over S 100.000 (more on that further into my review).

6. Access to a MEMBERS ONLY forum with Adam. his mentors. his team and OTHER students just like yourself!

7. Cool Bonus Stuff: Adams "Goal Setting & Time Management" video training course

8. Cool Bonus Stuff: 8 "Done For You" Niche Businesses:

1. These are full-fledged. turnkey 'businesses in a box" where they provide landing pages. a 3-month. high-quality auto responder sequence. info products to sell. sales pages. and much more

2. This enables students to get websites and funnels off the ground without having to do all the grunt work from scratch. which is a big reason a lot of people give up.

3. Use these yourself OR model your OWN products after them - as they've already been proven successful.

These above 8 components can be broken down into 4 CORE Features of your training. which include:

1. Training

2. Software

3. Community

4. 'Done for you" Niche Businesses.

Core Feature #1 - Training

(let me know if you want more info on any of these. I added a-lot of information about each one before. but it made my review ridiculously long)

Module 1: Niche Selection

Module 2: Setting Up Your Automatic Selling Machine

Module 3: Product Creation & Funnels

Module 4: Testing & Conversions

Module 5: Traffic Ramp Up

Module 6: Profit Maximization

Module 7: Content Publishing

Module 8: Wrap Up

Core Feature #2 - Software

Niche Profit Full Control comes with not 1 not 2 - but 6 powerful software tools that make launching and growing your online business easier. faster & more profitable than ever!

Core Feature #3 - The Community

The NPFC community IS NOT merely a forum - its a place where students receive support from experts as well as their fellow students!

Adam and his team will PERSONALLY be visiting the forum quite frequently and answering questions. BUT students also get direct assistance from his coaches and mentors who have built up their OWN successful online businesses and were once where you are at now.

They'll be there to:

Answer simple questions

Overcome small hurdles you may be facing

Tackle Next Level Transitions

And help you progress EVERY step along the way

Core Feature #4 - Ready-Made Niche Businesses
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