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Rob Percival - The Complete Android Developer Course - Build 14 Apps
Rob Percival - The Complete Android Developer Course - Build 14 Apps
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Novice to expert app developer-in six weeks.
Are you ready for Google's Android M?
It doesn't matter if you're a complete novice or an expert app developer-NOW is the time to hop aboard the Android M bus and grab your golden ticket to app developing heaven (before everyone else does)!
Android M represents a MAMMOTH opportunity. Whether you're looking to boost your income, change your career, or who knows. become the next Mark Zuckerberg!
Join thousands of budding app developers, champing at the bit to get started on Google's best, most polished and most easily controlled platform - EVER.
Yep, in just six weeks you could be one of the first to become an expert Android M app developer-building real apps like Uber and Instagram as you learn.
This makes learning fun, fast and seriously supercharges your knowledge retention.
Why not get cracking before the rest of the world catches on?
I guarantee (or your money back!!), NO other course will give you the confidence, ability and breadth of learning that you'll find here.
Interested? Ok, here's the lowdown on this stonking new platform. and EXACTLY what you'll get if you sign up to my course today.
You'll find meticulously crafted tactics from the me, the creator of the Complete Web Developer Course - the world's best-selling online coding course.
Using Java and Android Studio, I'll teach you how to build real, marketable apps like
Uber and Snapchat clones.
Just like my Complete Web Developer and iOS Developer courses, which have successfully taught over 200,000 students how to code, this course is project based.
This means you build your own apps as you learn. THE most powerful way to lock down the course information.

01 What Does The Course Cover
02 Introduction To Android Studio
03 Java Deep Dive
04 Media Images, Video and Sound
05 Advanced Android Features
06 Maps Geolocation
07 Permanent Data Storage
08 Instagram Clone
09 Uber Clone
10 Flappy Bird Clone
11 The Extras
12 Android Wear Mini-Course
13 Submitting Your App To Google Play
14 Setting Up A Marketing Website
15 Twitter Clone
16 Snapchat Clone
17 Where do you go from here

Rob Percival - The Complete Android Developer Course - Build 14 Apps

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