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Bountiful Brassicas: Tino's getting ready for the cooler months by preparing the soil for brassicas and planting broccoli, cauliflower, collards, and wasabi mustard greens.

Feeding the Friendlies: Sophie wants to ensure fauna in her garden doesn't go hungry, and showcases plants she uses to attract beneficial insects that act as pollinators and pest controllers.

Harbour Haven: Costa meets a Sydney gardener who has used unique plant textures and colour combinations to create a delightful harbourside garden.

FAQS: Jerry explains the cause of white spots on spinach leaves and Tino answers the question of how often we need to sow carrot seed to harvest a continuous crop all year.

Pots of Tea: Jane makes tea from a range of herbs, including four types of mint, and four lemon-flavoured herbs.

Clay Soil: Angus shows how to treat clay soil with gypsum and liquid clay-breaker that will break down large clods of clay into smaller aggregates more quickly.

Botanical Riches: Josh visits Kings Park in Perth and chats with the senior curator about the park's new garden featuring species from Australia's arid mallee, mulga and desert regions.

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