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Find out how Enterprise Architecture is crucial to business success and why TOGAF® 9.1 can help - all in 30 minutes.

This course provides a a high level overview of Enterprise Architecture and why this discipline - together with the TOGAF® Architecture Framework - can help businesses effectively manage a rapidly changing technology landscape and complex business environment.
This course is a primer course suitable for many different Enterprise roles such as Technical Architects, Solution Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers and even C-Suite executives like CIO's, CTO's or CEO's
There are 8 video lectures covering TOGAF at a high level
The course is 30 minutes in length
What will I learn?

A High Level understanding of the Enterprise Architecture problem space
A High Level overview of the basic concepts of TOGAF®
Understanding of the Business Benefits of good Enterprise Architecture
Understanding of what an Architecture Framework is and why it is needed
Understanding of the Architecture Development Method (The ADM) - the heart of TOGAF®
A High level overview of the 2 certification examinations
A little known/understood exam tactic you can apply to any multiple choice exam
A list of further resources to help deepen your understanding of TOGAF®
A FREE mock practice exam - just like the real thing with 40 timed multiple choice questions (This will show you exactly what you're up against in the exam environment)
A crossword to test your knowledge of the TOGAF® In 30 concepts

There are no pre-requisites to take this course:

Software Required: None
Preparatory Materials Required: None
Target Audience

This course is targeted to Business and IT Professionals looking for a high level overview of TOGAF® and Enterprise Architecture. I have already mentioned some of the Enterprise Roles who could benefit from this course but some other roles might include Software Engineers, Security Architects, Application Architects and Systems Analysts.

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