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Brandon Adams-Lightbulb To Launch Crowdfunding

Brandon Adams-Lightbulb To Launch Crowdfunding

Lightbulb To Launch

With Brandon Adams

Are you of spinning your wheels in trying to move your million-dollar idea from the drawing board to a tangible product ready for market? Brandon T. Adams has been there and done that successfully. There are many challenges when bringing your product to market and Brandon knows them well. But even better, he knows how to overcome those obstacles and challenges. Let Brandon's hard-learned lessons help you move from "Light bulb to Launch" in a fraction of the time.


Lightbulb to Launch will offer you the knowledge you need to move from idea to product. The foundation you build in these four weeks will save you thousands upon thousands of dollars that normally you would have spent trying to blaze your own trail. Don't make those mistakes, learn from an expert and save yourself money and time.


Collecting your thoughts, developing your idea and doing your research is of the utmost importance. What your product is, what it does and what niche your product fills are key questions that must be answered. Brandon went from a spark of imagination to a fully developed idea for his product Arctic stick in a matter of weeks. He'll show you how to take your ideas and breathe life into them.

You have your idea, but there are many steps before your idea is ready to become a reality. Brandon has the experience and resources to help you on the journey from sketches from design sketches to CAD drawings. This process can be time consuming and expensive without the right resources. This course will guide you through the entire design process quickly and affordably.

Now that you've got a clear vision of what your product is and the niche it will fill, you need to make a very important decision. There are two options you need to consider, manufacturing the product yourself, or licensing your product to another company. There are risks and rewards with each of these choices, and you will need to weigh out the pros and cons of each. Brandon has had exposure to both methods of getting his product to market. He will share valuable information to help you avoid the pitfalls and financial costs associated, no matter which direction you choose.

Not many inventors are leveraging the reach of Crowdfunding. and very few are finding success in getting backing for their product. Brandon ran a successful Crowdfunding project for Arctic Stick and can provide real-world examples and guidance for you through the Crowdfunding process. It's possible to find your funding in the crowd, but YOU MUST have a plan BEFORE you launch.

"Brandon gave me the tools to start developing my product and get funded at the same time!"

Elise H. - Wilderness Stick
A Course For All Levels

Lightbulb to Launch for people at all levels. Whether you've never tried to make an idea reality, or even if you've taken first steps in the process and have become frustrated. This course will benefit you and help move from ideation to a funded, marketable project, and this course will save you money and time.
A Word From The Instructor

"I love product development, Crowdfunding and helping people bring their ideas to life. I want to share my passion and expertise with you. That's what this course is all about. I will help you save money and time. I will also help you Create something great & become unforgettable because life's too short to do anything less." - Brandon T. Adams

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