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Gumroad: Making The HulkBuster
Gumroad: Making The HulkBuster | 20.5 GB

In this Gumroad Ill show you about 25Hrs of work on how I did the HulkBuster using Maya, Cinema4D, UVLayout, SubstancePainter, Corona Render and Nuke!
Its for intermediate level, I show all the process from scratch to final render but without any audio comment and video are x2 speed-up to make them more dynamic and pleasant to watch.

1 Modeling 4Hrs
All the modeling is done in Maya, due to is powerful tools and my experienced workflow. If you want to understand this modeling workflow more in depth, I explain everything about it on Tutorial.
Here I show how I model the HulkBusters upper body parts in HightPoly.

2 UVs 3Hrs
I did UVs using UV Layout, because its one of the most powerful UV editing software and its stand-alone. So you can use it in any pipeline, with any 3D application.

3 Texturing 2Hrs
For texturing I choose SubstancePainter, even if here we arent with a game asset but with a highPoly, I wanted to use the power of procedural texturing to speed-up the repetitive texture process. Thanks to SubstancePainter, we will only texture the head of the HulkBuster and itll automatically texture all the bodys 20k texture.

4 Shaders and Render 1H30
I choose Corona Render for Cinema4D to make the render. First to test this new render engine and because its totally free in the I use. The speed of this renderer is incredible and allow me to quickly render HD animation.
Ill show you how I build my shaders using Substance output in order to have a strong nice metal look and build some layered shaders with Blend Material and mask.

5 Compositing 1Hr
Finnally a bit of compositing with Nuke to add final touchs to the render animation. How to compose my .Exr MultiPass, subtle detail like Glow, CC, Denoise Glossy, Grain


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