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Sandblast Glass Etching Norm Dobbins 3 DVDs
Sandblast Glass Etching Norm Dobbins 3 DVDs
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The instructional content of these DVDs is the same as our world reknowned video tapes (students in over 35 countries have learned etching from our tapes), created in the late 1980's and early 1990's. The techniques have not changed, though some of the equipment has. So, on these new DVDs, we have included over 20 minutes of new material on equipment, an introduction to Aliento Glass School, and a Gallery of beautiful etched glass.

This set of DVDs is a condensed version of our intensive 4 day Professional Glass Etching Seminar. Each DVD presents one of 3 major techniques of glass etching plus a DVD on how to design for etching and how to create special effects. There are projects on each DVD. Follow along with the DVD to learn the technique, then duplicate each project by using the project patterns provided on the CD. You will be creating your own pieces of beautiful etched glass in no time!

These DVDs will get you started right away with abrasive glass etching and you can complete projects at your own pace. Each DVD can be purchased and viewed independently of all the others, or they can be used as a complete instructional set.

Many of the people who take our intensive, hands-on seminars get the DVDs first, then take the seminar when they have a feel for the techniques and when they want individual instruction. Others, who take the seminar first (for the fastest way to learn all etching techniques), end up getting the DVDs after the class as a reference and reminder of what they learned in class. So no matter what your situation, you can't go wrong by getting started NOW with the DVDs!

DVD #1: Surface Etching Techniques
Surface etching techniques, equipment, materials, safety, 4 projects

DVD# 2: Multi-level Carving
Single stage, two stage and multi-stage carving, equipment, materials, safety, 4 projects

DVD# 3: Multi-stage Shading
Multi-stage shading techniques, equipment, materials, safety, 4 projects

Sandblast Glass Etching Norm Dobbins 3 DVDs

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