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Uartsy: Creating Stylized Game Weapons
Uartsy: Creating Stylized Game Weapons
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In this course, Kyle Sarvas goes over his process and techniques on creating a stylized weapon for video games!
In this on-demand course, Kyle Sarvas will show you how to create visually impactful and dynamic stylized weapons for video-games. Using ZBrush, Maya and 3DCoat you learn the ins and outs of game asset production through multiple 3D editing platforms to stunning effect.

The 5 most important lessons:
- How to analyze concepts and plan out the creation of an asset
- Fundamental hard surface modeling techniques
- Various sculpting techniques in ZBrush such as Mesh Extraction and Mesh Clipping
- How to bake clean Normal maps and AO maps in XNormal
- An effective workflow for creating stylized hand-painted texture maps in 3DCoat

Course Outline
Project 1 : Concept And Block In
Key Takeaways
- Analyzing the Concept
- Blocking out the Weapon in Maya
- Importing the Low Poly Model into ZBrush and preparing the model for sculpting

Project 2 : Sculpting Forms
Key Takeaways
- Sculpting the secondary forms of the concept in ZBrush
- Sculpting exaggerated cracks, dings, cuts, etc.
- Exporting the Decimated sculpt for retopology

Project 3 : Retopology And Baking
Key Takeaways
- Refining the Low Polygon Model in Maya
- Creating the UVs in Maya
- Creating the Normal map in XNormal
- Creating the AO map in XNormal
- Setting up the Diffuse map in Photoshop by utilizing th e AO map from XNormal
- Setting up the model in 3D Coat

Project 4 : Texturing And Rendering
Key Takeaways
- Creating the final Diffuse map in 3D Coat
- Creating the Specular map in Photoshop
- Evaluating the asset in Marmoset
- Finishing Touches

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