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Linux Academy - PostgreSQL 9.4 Administration (Professional Level)

Linux Academy - PostgreSQL 9.4 Administration (Professional Level)

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Course Syllabus 00:08:44
Introduction to Databases 00:07:26
Data Normalization 00:09:10
Indexes, Relationships and Keys 00:07:01
Introduction to RDBMS 00:06:57
Introduction to PostgreSQL 9.4 00:06:09
Installation and Configuration
Downloading PostgreSQL (Enterprise vs. Open Source) 00:05:51
Installation and Service Configuration 00:08:38
Using the Command Line Client 00:04:49

EXERCISE: Exercise: Install and Configure PostgreSQL 9.x: RHEL/CentOS
EXERCISE: Exercise: Install and Configure PostgreSQL 9.x: Debian/Ubuntu

Administration and Security
Creating Databases 00:12:01
Creating Tables 00:09:42
Roles - Creating and Deleting Users 00:09:18
Roles - Assigning Permissions 00:08:39
Installing and Configuring myPgAdmin 00:12:24
Accepting External Connections 00:10:52
Inserting, Viewing and Deleting Data 00:07:51
Backing Up and Restoring Databases 00:11:20
Replication - Master Server Configuration 00:11:11
Replication - Slave Server Configuration 00:10:36
Discussion - Database Clustering 00:09:21

EXERCISE: Exercise: Creating and Deleting Databases and Adding Users
EXERCISE: Exercise: Create a Table and Inserting Data
EXERCISE: Exercise: Configure the Database for External Connections
EXERCISE: Exercise: Database Backup and Restore

Introduction to Datatypes 00:08:06
Character Datatype 00:11:53
Numeric Datatype 00:11:20
Serial Datatype 00:11:08
Boolean Datatype 00:06:59
Special Datatype - NULL 00:06:00
Date Datatype 00:08:24
Time Datatype 00:08:18
Timestamps 00:14:13

NoSQL and PostgreSQL 00:06:05
Big Data Processing 00:08:22

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