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Compositing doesn't have to be daunting - simple techniques can remedy slight imperfections in a photo or allow you to place your subject in a fantasy world. In Fine Art Compositing, fine art photographer Brooke Shaden will teach you an approach to compositing that will help you enhance - or transform - your images with minimal effort.
Compositing allows you to combine visual elements from multiple sources into one single image. In Fine Art Compositing, Brooke will share easy compositing skills photographers can use everyday, like swapping out a blinking eye in a group shot or replacing a hand in a fashion shoot. She'll also show you more artful applications for compositing - teaching you how to create the illusion of levitation and how to transform scrap fabric into a flowing dress. Brooke will also discuss fine art compositing and how you can create and market composite images that are, despite the use of stock elements, uniquely your own.
In this class you will learn effective and inspired composting techniques that will help you create more polished and believable images from an artist who has mastered the craft.

HD Video Lessons:
1 Introduction 13:33
2 Why Composite 15:27
3 Logic Checklist 24:23
4 What Not To Do When Compositing 08:49
5 Shooting for Composite 09:00
6 Changing Backgrounds and Light 28:15
7 Shoot: Simple Swaps Part 1 29:25
8 Shoot: Simple Swaps Part 2 23:57
9 Practical Ways of Lighting for Composite 18:57
10 Shoot: Matching & Creating Consistent Light Part 1 25:44
11 Shoot: Matching & Creating Consistent Light Part 2 15:45
12 Shoot: Stock for Composites 23:56
13 FreePreview: Basic Photoshop Tools for Compositing Part 20:18
14 Basic Photoshop Tools for Compositing Part 2 25:40
15 Compositing Simple Swaps and Group Shots in Photosh 32:59
16 Lighting in Photoshop 22:30
17 Gradients 12:56
18 Vignettes and Lighting Effects 16:16
19 Compositing Clouds 09:20
20 How to Create Shadows 07:37
21 Removing Subjects from Backgrounds 29:55
22 Shoot: Comparing Backgrounds, Light, and Angles 33:38
23 Compositing Backgrounds: Blending & Background Eras 29:05
24 Composting Backgrounds: Refine Edge 36:55
25 Compositing Backgrounds: Blending Modes 20:00
26 Creating a Levitation Image 27:23
27 Shoot: Levitation Poses 34:37
28 Shoot: Creating a Dress 13:03
29 Levitation Examples 21:56
30 Editing Levitation Shoot 44:39
31 Building a Dress in Photoshop 22:27
32 Dollhouse Shoot Overview 21:14
33 Dollhouse Shoot: Model in Water 34:26
34 Dollhouse Shoot: Book Pages and Dollhouse 15:14
35 Editing Dollhouse Shoot Part 1 28:28
36 Editing Dollhouse Shoot Part 2 20:24
37 Editing Dollhouse Shoot Part 3 25:23
38 Photoshop Critique 10:18
39 Marketing and Selling Composited Images Part 1 27:52
40 Marketing and Selling Composited Images Part 2 24:01
41 Process of Creating a Composited Bookcover 19:02

Bonus Class Materials:
Brook Shaden - Fine Art Compositing - Favorite Photoshop Tools
Brook Shaden - Fine Art Compositing - Lighting Effects
Brooke Shaden - Adorama Gear Guide
Brooke Shaden - Fine Art Compositing - Logic Checklist
Brooke Shaden - Fine Art Compositing - Must Have Shots

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