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Jason Capital - The Elite Action-Taker Academy (2015)

Jason Capital - The Elite Action-Taker Academy (2015)

You are here because you're elite, you're superior, you're better than everyone else and you know it.

Your future is bigger, brighter and bolder-everyone wants a piece of it. That's what
makes you elite. That's also why you're inside here and you're not outside where,
of course, you'll never get this information.

More importantly, it's not just the "Elite Academy," it's the Elite Action Taker
Academy because you're going to get this information and you're going to take
massive fucking action on it.

The minute we're done, you're going to get up and
you're going to make some strategic shit happen on your path as you raise your
status and as you grow bolder, stronger, more powerful and more attractive. Of
course, you're going to give more value to the world.

Today, we're going to be talking about influence. We'll be talking all about
influence. Influencing others. Influencing yourself. Both are very important.
Before we get into the hows, let me tell you something.
Obviously, as you may know, I'm pretty good with influencing. I don't want to brag and say I'm the best ever but, you know, it's continual.

Here are three very important reasons why becoming more influential is going to be extremely powerful for you. These are three reasons why becoming more influential is actually imperative for you if you're going to succeed at the highest levels in whatever game or field it is that you've chosen.

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