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CGWORKSHOPS: 3D Character Design with Sze Jones
CGSociety 3D Character Design by Sze Jones | 10.9 GB

It is said capturing the beauty and soul of a digital character is the most difficult task as it requires an abundance of artistic and technical knowledge. Often, information is scattered and it can be overwhelming to develop a work flow without having all the technical puzzles put together. This course will solve that fro you as Sze Jones shares her many years of professional production experience. In this sixteen-week workshop, Sze will help you work through common obstacles, teach you to problem solve to avoid technical setbacks, and answer all your questions on the creation of your perfect model.
You will be creating your own base mesh, painting texture from scratch, styling hair and making your vision come to life. Participants will learn disciplined, focused methods to create a production-ready model using ZBrush, Mudbox and 3D studio Max.

In this intense workshop, Sze Jones will demonstrate her workflow and provide valuable insights as well as offre professional critiques, topology notes and paint-overs based on over 10 years of industry experience.

You will learn methods and procedures required to complete a character from design to the production ready model.

This workshop is aimed at the intermediate to advanced user. Students should have a good understanding of how to use ZBrush, have a good understanding of 3D Studio Max modeling as well as good Photoshop skills.

what you will learn
You will learn step-by-step procedures for designing and creating an iconic heroine character.
Starting from concept sketch, learn how to portray a character with attitude and personality, and design functional armor and costume with practical mobility.
You will learn how to make high standard meshes with good topology and efficient edge flow with poly/Graphite tool in 3D Studio Max for deformation and rigging, and also how to retopologize and edit topology as needed.
You will study the female anatomy and learn how to exaggerate proportion with ease using Zbrush and various editing tools in Max.
You will learn to choose important landmarks for sculpting and stylization. (You will pick the reference of your choice for face design and Sze will assist you to achieve as much as possible at the end of course).
You will gain a full understanding of how mental ray Fast Skin shader works. Dissect and break down settings along with techniques of hand painted texturing methods to create realistic skin effects.
You will learn how to apply make up digitally to enhance beauty and personality of the character. You will learn how to create texture and apply color and value accurately, traditional painting methods will be applied digitally for painterly and organic results. Mudbox will be used for texture painting methods. Various UV unwrap methods will be demonstrated.
You will learn how to divide UV layout page for optimal base for texture paintings and material setup.
You will learn how to make costume fabric and armour metal material setup with mental ray Arch and Design shaders. You will be painting grimes and decay texture on metals and fabric to create a realistic look for the costume and armor.
You will learn hair stylization and technical setup with hairfx and sculpting in ZBrush will also be discussed and demonstrated. You will be able to learn the process of hair creation based on your design. Sze will teach you the essentials on achieving the setup.
You will also learn how to build a simple rig and pose your character dynamically for presentation. Tips and tricks on camera and lighting setup will be demonstrated.


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