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Ben Adkins-Fearless Leads Immersion Session 1

Ben Adkins-Fearless Leads Immersion Session 1

Session 1:
Using Empathy to Become Insanely Attractive to Any Audience.
Most people who are trying to build an email list fail miserably because they really don't dig deep into the problems that their audience is actually facing. I'll walk you through the process of finding that out and show you an example or two along the way.

Inside This Session you'll Learn:

The Empathy Formula
I'm going to show you the 4 Step Formula that High Ticket Coaches and Top Tier Product Sellers use to Dig into who their potential customer REALLY IS. This one section will enable you to see deep inside your prospect's minds so that you can craft the bait to get them to optin.
Finding and Taming The "Alpha Buyer".
I'm going to walk you through the real Secret to dominating a market and getting inside their head. The secret to selling online isn't about guessing. It's about having your ideal customer a phone call away. I'll show you exactly how to do this.
The "Paint Past Mistakes" Trick
Once you get through the other sections of this training you'll have a good idea about the problems you need to solve and how to use that information to create a very attractive optin bait. This section of the training will help you focus on the one thing that will push people over the edge when they think about joining your list or buying from you. This is Essential.

When you get through this short and powerful session you'll have an inside view of your potential customer that you've never had before. Using this you'll be ready for Session 2, where we're going to build a "Canon" to get the Optin.
Ben Adkins-Fearless Leads Immersion Session 1

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