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Dan Kennedy - The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine

Dan Kennedy - The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine

Every person knows that customers are the lifeline for every business but having a constant flow of leads is one of the biggest battles owners fight. Dan Kennedy, "The Millionaire Maker", has made it his mission to help business owners market better, make more sales and help more people. To stay inline with this, Kennedy and his team at GKIC have created a new program and an Ultimate Lead Generation Machine shows it maybe what many business owners have been looking for.
The ability to generate as many leads as possible is the biggest asset that the most successful businesses have been able to achieve. With Dan's new program he has brought in experts who specialize in generating leads from various medium including postcards and direct mail, social media, SEO and various other online methods.

In this first video, meet the creators of The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine - as the one and only Dan Kennedy is joined by four of his star students, who have graduated with honors (not to mention big bankrolls):
Brittany Lynch - known as the #1 Traffic and Conversion expert

Don Crowther - the leading Social Media Guru who actually knows how to make the Twitterverse pay off

Rich Schefren - CEO of Strategic Profits, a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs earn more and work lessJ

Jeff Walker - creator of the famous Product Launch Formula and expert business-builder

Dave Dee, Chief Marketing Officer of GKIC, hosts this major-league summit, which exposes why the mainstream mindset about lead generation is dangerously and deeply flawed.

But don't sweat it - because this video will show you how to make it all a beautiful thing. Discover their proven winning strategies for attracting leads?and how to convert 'em when you've got 'em!

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