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Lessons Of Modern Etiquette

Lessons Of Modern Etiquette

Year: 2008
Issued: At Ease Production
Directed by: Elena Kvaskova Shin Malcolm
Genre: Educational video program
Duration: 00: 29: 07 + 00: 39: 19 + 00: 32: 15 + 00: 50 : 56
About the film:
Will you be able to appear in society as to make the right impression? You know how you keep the conversation to listen to you? Are you able to understand the complex table layout, when the appointment of multiple instruments is not quite clear? Do you know how to eat quail eggs? And exotic dishes, for example, lobster or oysters? Or something very simple, such as bread? What wine should be enjoyed in the restaurant, so that they become allies of your chosen meal? Do you know how to taste and evaluate the quality of the wine? Do you have a clear idea of what to order and how to eat in a Japanese restaurant? All this and many other nuances of modern etiquette experts tell from England, France, Italy and Japan co-production video course "Lessons of etiquette." Films of this course include shaped instructive examples of how not to slip on the polished parquet of the high life. Video course is presented in English and Russian versions. Each disc has two variants of video - one entirely in English, the second - with a Russian translation. Why publishers have gone in this way, instead of the standard - when the structure of the VOB files include two tracks, we can only guess. The English version goes first - VTS_01_0, VTS_01_1, VTS_01_2 well, etc.

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