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Do you already know the basics of After Effects CS6? Then learn essential tips & tricks that will expand your knowledge in this two part learning series. After Effects is one of the creative industry's leading motion graphics and visual effects programs, and After Effects CS6 is packed with the tools you need to create videos, motion graphics, and 3D animation. These lessons will help you discover timeline shortcuts, special effects tips, and animation tricks.

Composition (15:48)
Introduction (00:10) Pan Behind Tool (01:40) Choosing Comp Dimensions (02:08) Comp Timing Parameters (02:22) Add Animation Keyframes (02:22) Missing Media (03:04) Set Image Previews (02:20) Adobe Bridge (01:29) Summary (00:10)
Power User (15:30)
Introduction (00:10) Duplication (02:12) Custom Workspaces (02:06) Comp Tab Shortcuts (01:53) Timeline Key Commands (02:41) Memory Allocation (01:31) Background Color (02:38) Find Hidden Information (02:07) Summary (00:10)
Animation (20:31)
Introduction (00:10) Level of Undo (01:16) Replacements (01:50) Animation Presets (02:45) Custom Animation Preset (02:06) Motion Sketch Capture (02:21) Shortcut Reference Chart (01:38) Import Project Files (01:52) Property Shortcuts (03:18) Mask Property Tools (03:01) Summary (00:10)
Transitions (19:27)
Introduction (00:10) Motion Paths (03:22) Create 3D Layer (05:12) Keyframe Icons (02:33) Stabilize Shaky Cam (03:46) Transition Presets (02:02) Manual Transitions (02:09) Summary (00:10)

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