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Green Screen Video Production Using Camtasia Studio

Green Screen Video Production Using Camtasia Studio | 186 MB

How I use my very small home / office to produce green screen videos with Camtasia Studio on ShiChuang

You know those Powerpoint presentations you've sat through - not very exciting were they?
Well, in this course you'll simple techniques you can use to enhance your teaching and promo videos using a green screen.
Special effects in videos are sometimes overused or used incorrectly - so they can distract, instead of enhance the message you want to communicate
That's why it's crucial to use them sparingly,

Once we reach the post-production editing stage. playing with Video-editing software is a lot of FUN so it's really easy to get carried away.
If you overdo the fancy tricks and fast motion graphics they may look a bit flashy and cheesy -
You definitely don't want your entire video to be a talking-head of you in front of a green screen which you replace with fancy motion graphics. You want to keep it classy & elegant
More interesting video get better engagement from your audience.
That means restraint!

Use only 1 or 2 styles of special effects.
If you continuously a different styles, your audience starts to concentrate on the special effects and stop listening to the message you're presenting

Whether you want:
* better backdrops for your promo videos,
* or you want to enhance your students' learning experience in your teaching videos
* or you simply want to improve your professional image with an expensive-looking backdrop

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