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Cathe Friedrich's STS - Shock Training System

Cathe Friedrich's STS - Shock Training System

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- Two Mesocycle - 2, 3, 4 weeks
- Mesocycle Three - 2, 3, 4 weeks
Mesocycle Two - 2, 3, 4 weeks pic
focuses on the hypertrophy or, in simple terms, define and build muscle. You'll lift weights, which will be 70-80% of your limit (1RM) for the four weeks. Each week will be presented to different workouts for each muscle group. Most exercise your rep range would be 8 or 12 times, and due to their high intensity you will need a longer rest between sets (about 60 to 90 seconds). The only thing which does not apply this principle - it is in the exercises for the legs, where you will perform 3 three sets in each of the three approaches. Here you will relax after the completion of each approach in each of the three sets. Study feet in this mesocycle be very serious. The concept of training is based on the principle of "double wave" (up and back), ie, sets with heavy weights will succeed one another in such a way that you have loaded your muscles like never before. This cycle is divided into elaborate 3-ex muscle groups and consists of four workouts for each muscle group.
1. Chest, shoulders and triceps;
2. Legs;
3. Back and biceps.
Unlike mesocycle 1, 2 mesocycle works out every part of your body thoroughly before moving on to the next part of the body. In other words, you will perform all the exercises in the chest, before moving on to the shoulders. Once you have completed all the exercises on the shoulders, triceps will pass, and so on.
Mesocycle Three - 2, 3, 4 weeks pic devoted to the development of your strength and training is divided into 4 3-ex muscle groups.
1. Chest and back;
2. Feet in plie (Plyo legs);
3. Shoulders, biceps and triceps.
You will lift the weight, which amount to 80-90% of your limit (1RM) for the 4-eh weeks. Rep range will be about 6 to 8 times for most exercise. Due to their increased intensity, you'll get plenty of rest between sets in the elaboration of the same muscle groups as in mesocycle 2.
In order to reduce the so-called "idle" of other muscle groups while working on the upper part of the body, in this series, you will alternately load and pull all the muscle groups. This method allows each muscle group always have at least 2-3 minutes to rest. Studies show - this is the minimum time necessary to replenish the energy to perform high intensity training segments. This mesocycle to develop strength, based on a method called "method of five percent." To take full advantage of this method, you will need to choose the heaviest weight you can lift no less than 9 times.
During the first week you run the four sets of 9 repetitions for each exercise, resting 2-3 minutes between each approach, while working on a specific muscle group. The same thing you will do, and at 2 and 3 weeks, but will increase the weight of your weights by 5%, while reducing the number of repetitions on one. In your fourth and final training session this mesocycle you again, do 8 reps in the first week, but with the weight that you have been in the second workout. If all goes according to plan, you will be 5% stronger than at the end of mesocycle.
You may wonder how you will be able to lift weights in the exercises for the lower body on the principle of repetition and at this level of intensity? You will need a rack for strength training (squat rack) for safe operation on the bottom of the body for that level of intensity. However, we have included two different training programs for the legs for each week mesocycle. Plyometric training (Plyo legs) is designed for those who do not stand for strength training, and will focus on the development of "explosive force" with plyometric movements, blended with traditional exercises to develop strength of your legs. This exercise will not follow the principle of "five percent". If you want to follow the same program that "forces" while using the "method of five percent" use the workout for the upper body in the cycle, and then add the desired part of the training to the reception. There are two ways to do exercise. The first and best way is to use stand for strength training with holders for safety and height adjustment.
Two participants in the program show the exercises using a rack in all four training. Another way - to perform the exercises, wearing a vest with weights. Typically, stores are commercially available vests from 4.5 to 18 kilograms. Also, use a short and easy post, we usually use in other segments of the STS. The purpose of using the vest to add the missing weight of your rod. This is beneficial for the fact that in such exercises as squats without a rack, you can restrict lighter rod and safely lift the weight over your head with which you can perform squats. Using these weights on a "five percent" may still be insufficient for some of you, but nevertheless, this method will provide you with complex and "outstanding" training.

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