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Bass Drum Secrets 2.0

Bass Drum Secrets 2.0

We would not get very far as drummers if we focused on hand technique and ignored our feet. This training pack reveals exactly how to improve bass drum speed, power, and control - to unlock our full potential on the drums.
Key Features

Three uniquely qualified instructors teachings three powerful techniques.
Each technique is taught in step-by-step detail with slow-motion video.
All of the techniques are then applied in practical playing situations.
Applications include single and double pedal beats, fills, and patterns.
Includes over 1000 unique play-along loops for you to practice with.

Tech Specs

Video: 15+ hours of video on 12 DVDs.
Audio: 1000+ play-along loops on 10 CDs.
Books: 171 pages in a spiral-bound book.
Online: Digital versions of all content.
Skill: From beginner to advanced.

More Information

Bass Drum Secrets 2.0 was created specifically for drummers that want to improve their bass drum speed, power, and control. It includes step-by-step video lessons designed to help drummers of all skill levels improve their bass drum technique. It doesn't matter if you play a single pedal, a double pedal, or play double bass drums. The techniques and concepts covered in Bass Drum Secrets 2.0 will give you more confidence at the kit, boost your creativity, and give you the technical ability to unlock entirely new options on the drum set.

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