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Wedding Planning: helping you plan the wedding of your dreams

Wedding Planning: helping you plan the wedding of your dreams
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I recently got married! This workshop is based on the journey I went on whilst organizing my wedding. I have organized many events in my life but planning my own wedding day was a whole new ballgame. All of the sudden every decision became very personal.
Every wedding is unique but you can definitely learn from someone else's experience. I hope you will learn from my experiences, good and bad, and organize the wedding of your dreams.
This workshop is for you if someone recently proposed to you. Or you are hoping someone will propose to you very soon. This workshop is also interesting for you if you are a wedding planner and you just want to get some new ideas.
This 90-minute workshop consists of 9 bitesized sections and are mainly video recordings and presentations. Sections include:

1. Your brilliant wedding ideas: when dreams meet reality
2. Your dream location: make the venue work for you
3. Your budget: how to save some money
4. Planning your wedding day: become the perfect bride or groom
5. Getting married: the legal issues
6. Your wedding party: organize the party of the year
7. Your speech: how to write and deliver an amazing speech
Throughout this workshop I will explain to you how I went about planning and organizing my wedding day. I hope that at the end of the workshop you feel inspired and confident in planning your own fairy tale wedding.

What are the requirements?

You need to have the desire to make your wedding day the most special day for you, your partner and your guests. A proactive can-do attitude is advisable.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 48 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
plan and organize the wedding of your dreams
implement inspirational wedding ideas
negotiate the best deals for your wedding day

What is the target audience?

This course is for you if you want to plan your own wedding
Did someone just propose to you? Than this course is for you!
Potential wedding planners
You want to take this course if you're looking for a wedding that is slightly different than the norm

Section 1: Welcome to the workshop Wedding Planning
Lecture 1 Wedding planning introduction 00:35
I recently got married! This workshop is based on the journey I took when I decided to organize my own wedding. Through meticulous planning and organization, including several trips across the pont from America to the Netherlands, I managed to pull it off: my dream wedding!
Planning your own wedding can be stressful but when you plan everything properly you can make your day the most amazing day!
I will explain to you how I went about planning and organizing my wedding day. I hope that at the end of the workshop you feel inspired and confident in planning your own wedding. No need to turn into a Bridezilla or Groomzilla, just follow the course.

Lecture 2 Workshop objectives 00:23
At the end of this workshop you will be able to plan and organize the wedding of your dreams. Throughout this workshop I will give you tips and advice on what to think when planning your wedding day.
A wedding is expensive but there are ways for you to keep your cost down. In this workshop I will explain to you what you can do make your wedding day affordable.

Lecture 3 Who is this workshop for? 00:21
This workshop is for you if:

you are you getting married
you hope someone will propose to you
you just want to get new ideas about wedding planning

Section 2: Your brilliant wedding ideas
Lecture 4 Overview of this section 00:18
In this section I will discuss the importance of having a wedding brief before you view any locations. You need to get your head around what it is that you want before you speak to any venues.

Lecture 5 The start of my own wedding planning journey 01:51
In this session I just want to give you an overview of what my wedding day looked like. This session serves to give you a better understanding of what I had to do in order to plan and organize my wedding day.
Officially I got married in San Francisco. I married my boyfriend of 10 years, Julian. Because our families and friends from Britain and the Netherlands couldn't be present at our wedding ceremony we decided to organize a wedding party for them in Amsterdam at a later date.
Julian and I got married in San Francisco in April 2014. Our wedding party took place in Amsterdam in July 2015.

Lecture 6 Planning my wedding day: why we did what we did 02:42
In this section I will tell you about my own wedding day in Amsterdam. The key points you should pick up on are:

when you organize a wedding make sure you allow time for your families to meet each other
plan activities that stimulate interactivity

Lecture 7 The ideas for your wedding day 02:18
At the age of 37 I've been to plenty of weddings in my life. Some weddings are great and some are....not so great. When you organize your own wedding you need to come up with your own ideas.
Before you do that, you should make a list of all the great ideas you have seen at other people's weddings. Why were those great ideas?
Now think of the weddings you went to that you thought were 'boring' or 'no fun'. How come these weddings were boring? Make a list of things you need to avoid when organizing your own wedding. Remember this list is just for the two of you.
Learn from other weddings you have been to in the past!

Lecture 8 5 questions to ask yourself: when do you want to get married? 02:16
When you start working on your own ideas you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. The first one is "when" do you want to get married?
Getting married in the wedding season means you will pay top dollar. What are the big events that are happening in the same period you want to plan your wedding. Make sure your wedding doesn't conflict with people's vacation plans, national holidays or other major events.

Lecture 9 5 questions to ask yourself: where do you want to get married? 04:14
You might already know the venue of your dreams but is it really the right one for you? It's important you choose a location and a venue that suits the needs of your party. More importantly it needs to suit your guests. Booking a 600 capacity room for 100 guests does not make sense, so why do people make that mistake so often?

Lecture 10 5 questions to ask yourself: what should your day look like? 03:04
You're still in the early stages of planning your wedding so don't worry too much about the nitty gritty of your ideas. At this stage you should start working on those ideas. Create a picture for your wedding day: what will your day look like in an ideal world.
Before you see any of the locations you both need to discuss what your wedding day should look like. Make sure you two sing from the same hymn sheet.

Lecture 11 5 questions to ask yourself: who do you invite? 03:03
How many people will you invite to your wedding day? Your immediate family should be invited but what about your great uncle? Where do you draw the line?
The more people you invite the bigger your budget will have to be. In this section I will discuss how you can keep track of who you have invited.

Lecture 12 5 questions to ask yourself: what is your budget? 01:29
How much you want to spend is up to you. Chances are that you're not a multi-millionair who can splash out on all your wishes. Cost will add up quite quickly so keep your expectations realistic.
Buying a Volkswagen Polo will set you back by $18,000 - $20,000. A wedding can cost you more or less the same. Use the VW Polo-budget as a benchmark when creating your wedding budget. Give yourself the challenge to keep your cost as low as possible.

Quiz 1 Wedding brief 1 question
Section 3: Your dream location
Lecture 13 Overview of this section 00:32
In this section we will look specifically at your wedding location. On your first visit you should have a good look around the venue and ask as many questions as possible. We will:

compare venues and score them
look at the layout of the venue
check all the rooms in your venue

Lecture 14 Compare your locations and venues 06:13
In the early planning stages we viewed 15 venues and eventually narrowed it down to only three. It is these 3 venues that we compared. I wil teach you to look at the aspects of each venue and how you can make it work for you.
I will also discuss how you can use the offers of the 3 venues to negotiate the best possible deal with your preferred venue (the one venue you really, really want).

Lecture 15 The layout of your location 02:59
Choosing the wedding location, or locations, will be one of the most important choices you will make.
The layout of the venue can really make or break how guests will experience your wedding day. In this section I will discuss the elements you need to consider when choosing your location:


Lecture 16 Checking out your venue in more detail 01:29
On your first visit to the venues make sure you check each room. From dining room to the restrooms. Check whether the venue is:

well maintained
has ambiance

Lecture 17 Asking all the right questions to find your castle in the sky 00:57
To recap this section:

Prepare your venue visits
Take pictures of the different rooms in each venue
Ask as many questions as needed (costs, timings, parking spaces, food, drinks, etc.)

Quiz 2 Viewing locations 1 question
Section 4: Your budget
Lecture 18 What to expect in this section 00:21
How expensive is a wedding? We will discuss the most expensive items on your wedding budget and how you can save money on them. I have also included 2 sections on Frequent Flyer Rewards Programs and Airline Credit Cards to give you an idea of how I saved money planning my own wedding.

Lecture 19 Your wedding budget 02:41
You will learn that the average cost of a wedding and what you can do to keep the cost low. I will discuss how you can negotiate with the venues on the prices they quoted you.
Always negotiate.

Lecture 20 The costs for your wedding 05:19
I will give you an overview of the cost involved in organizing my wedding day. Keep in mind that your budget might look different than mine.
You can make your wedding as expensive or as cheap as you want. You can buy wedding rings for $900 but you can also buy them for $100. Remember you need to be comfortable with what you spend.

Lecture 21 The more expensive items 02:42
There are some very expensive items on your budget. In our case the venue was the most expensive item, followed by the rings. We didn't spend a lot of money on our outfits. We rented them, rather than buying a new suit. This was a personal choice (I did't see the point in spending $1,000 on a suit that I would wear only once).
In this section you will learn what the more pricy items on your budget are.

Lecture 22 Food vs beverage: the deals 04:53
You will learn the different deals possible when negotiating your food and beverages. I will discuss:

bar deals
menu options

Lecture 23 Menu options 01:53
You will learn that your food choice can have an affect on your guests behaviour. We will talk about food choices, food comas, and sleepy guests.

Lecture 24 Reward programs and booking hotels 04:01
Airlines and hotels are all part of network groups. In this section I will talk about the benefits of signing up to these networks. You will learn that:

signing up to Avios saved us a lot of money
signing up to Avios gave us a lot of extra frequent flyer miles

Lecture 25 Fly me to the moon 01:15
I will discuss the option to sign up to Airline credit cards. Always check online with the different airlines whether you can sign up their credit cards and always make sure you are able to pay off your credit card debt on time!
Think before you sign up!

Quiz 3 Wedding expenses 1 question
Section 5: Planning your wedding day
Lecture 26 Planning your wedding day: overview of this section 00:28
Organizing your wedding can be very stressful. In this section I will teach how to plan your day as much as possible. After all you want to make sure you and your guests have an amazing day!

Lecture 27 Planning your day: your production plan 02:14
In this section I will discuss how you can create a production plan for your wedding day. Make sure you create a plan, or a diary, that works for you. You will learn that you:

need to plan ahead
set dates to: send out invites, make payments, book entertainment etc.
need to prioritize

Lecture 28 Plan for the things that cannot be planned 01:41
Despite all the planning there will be things that do not work out exactly as you planned. We had to deal with a violent summer storm on our wedding day...didn't see that one coming.
Learn from the mistakes I made.

Section 6: Getting married
Lecture 29 Overview of this section 00:15
In this section I will discuss the administration part of getting married.

Lecture 30 Getting married, some administration 02:11
You are getting married! Exciting times but it also includes some administration. I will talk about the admin for my wedding ceremony, a marriage licence, and the fees involved.

Lecture 31 Put a ring on it... 01:43
How much you want to pay for your wedding ring is up to you of course. In this section I will talk about the different options and some of the choices you need to make. When you choose your ring ask:

whether your ring is ethically sourced
how long it will take to engrave your ring

Section 7: Your wedding party
Lecture 32 Introduction to this section 00:22
Understand the importance of planning your party and how you are in charge of the atmosphere. In the section I will discuss how you can:

entertain your guests
budget your party
work with a theme
rock your wedding party

Lecture 33 Entertaining your guests 01:34
You really need to plan your day in detail. You need to create a program if you ask your guests to celebrate with you for 3 hours, 8 hours or even longer. How will you entertain your guests throughout the day? I will talk about:

the duration of your wedding activities
what it is you want to achieve
the entertainment of the day
food vs beverages

Lecture 34 Afternoon entertainment 01:13
You need to think about your plan for the afternoon if your main party is in the evening but you already have some kind of gathering earlier in the day. What is the purpose of your afternoon gathering? How can you make sure your guests interact with each other?

Lecture 35 Keep an eye on your budget 00:22
This section is a reminder that you need to keep an eye on your budget. The more you organise the higher your costs will be.

Lecture 36 Choosing a theme for your wedding day 01:53
We worked with a theme at our wedding: red, white vs blue. A theme doesn't have to be overly present. Your theme can be very subtle. In this section I will discuss the benefits of working with a theme:

provides you with a coherent story
keeps you focused

Lecture 37 Dress code for your guests 01:11
Asking your guests to dress up can be either a brilliant idea or the worst idea. If you do decide to give your guests a dress code make sure it is easily understood and can only be interpreted in one way.

Lecture 38 Fine dining 01:39
A well-balanced meal at your wedding is more important than you might think. You will learn that what you feed your guests will have an effect on the rest of the evening.

Lecture 39 Seating plan 02:53
Creating a seating plan provides you with the opportunity to introduce your guests to each other. Make sure that not all the strong (vs loud) characters are on the same table and there's more to it... Hence you should not wait until the last minute with organising your seating plan.

Lecture 40 Your cake 02:02
Appreciate that making a wedding cake is an art form. I will tell you what to look for when choosing your wedding cake and what to think of when you meet with the bakers.

Lecture 41 Your wedding party 01:57
Plan your party in detail. You will learn that you need to create a plan for your evening entertainment. I created a plan that detailed what would happen every 30 minutes. There's no need to go all military on your planning but it helps you to think through how the night will unfold.

Section 8: The speech
Lecture 42 What to expect in this section 00:20
In this section you will learn how to write and deliver a speech.
I will talk about the do's and the donts of delivering your speech.

Lecture 43 The speech 04:23
This is our speech. I've included the speech in here to give you an idea of what we did.
In the resources button you will find the same speech again (in PDF format) but this time with advice on why we said what we said.

Lecture 44 Your speech: do's and dont's 05:34
Writing our speech was such good fun. It took us weeks to complete it, fine tune it, add more jokes to it, delete jokes again, rewriting and finalizing but we were very comfortable with the outcome. In this section I will tell you about the things you should include and the things you should not include in your speech.
Once you have written your speech:

practice in the mirror
film yourself. Filming is the perfect way to look at your body language and to listen to your own speech delivery.

Section 9: Final thoughts on wedding planning
Lecture 45 The evaluation 00:36
Remember that I told you that your wedding can cost the same as a Volkswagen Polo? Good, keep that in mind when you do your evaluation with your venue, entertainers and wedding planner. Remember: you have a paid a lot of money so it better be perfect.

Lecture 46 Thank you cards 01:05
Your thank you notes are a kind token of appreciation to your wedding guests. They made the effort to be at your party and let's face it, they probably made the party to what it was. Send out your thank you cards sooner rather than later. In this section I will explain why.

Lecture 47 Let it all sink in 01:18
In the section I just want to give you one final piece of advise: take time to let it all sink in. The two of you should do something together that you both enjoy. And that can be something very simple...

Lecture 48 Final thoughts 00:46
I really hope you enjoyed the workshop and you found it helpful. I would like to wish you all the best in organizing your dream wedding!
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