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Direct mail is powerful, customizable, and private, and it virtually guarantees at least five seconds of focus from the recipient. On average, it also returns twelve dollars for every dollar spent. Not everyone sees stellar results, however, and that's because not everyone understands how to create mail that performs. This course gets to the bottom of the strategy behind effective direct mail, and provides the foundation you need to mail with confidence. Trish Witkowski will show you how to create a mailing list that's tailored to your audience, craft a compelling message, and decide on a format for your mail campaign, whether it's a postcard, folded mail piece, or envelope mailer.

Topics include:
Defining the mailing listKeeping your mailing list up to dateCreating the offerFormatting strategiesUsing special packaging like varnishes, stamps, and stickersLeveraging technology, such as variable data printingAdding an Intelligent Mail barcodeGreen mail strategiesTracking and measuring results from your direct mail campaign
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