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Virginia Satir - The Satir Family Series (Teaching Family Therapy)

Virginia Satir - The Satir Family Series (Teaching Family Therapy)

These are a series of live recordings over a course of 3 days with Virginia Satir from the University of Califoirnia, Chico in 1998; and published by the AVANTA Network, now known as The Virginia Satir Global Network.

In the words of Virgina Satir herself,

"The tapes roughtly divide themselves into three parts:

The initial part has to do with a family and I deal with that family in all the other things that I am doing. So the first segment has to do with the family interview itself.

The second segment has to do with something I've called "family reconstruction" which is a way of going back to the lives of people to see what I call "old situations with new eyes". And it is the parents and the family I give this experience to.

The third segment has to do with finding ones resources and working out a harmonious way of using them. And this name I give to the "parts party"."

1: Teaching Family Therapy
2: Family Interview
3: Intro to Family Reconstruction
4: Making of Maps
5: Father's Reconstruction
6: Mother's Reconstruction
7: Son's Parts Party & Question Period
8: Couple's Parts Party
9: Mother's Parts Party
10: Father's Parts Party

The VHS videos have been converted into mp4 format.
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