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Keith Krance - Facebook Ads University

Keith Krance - Facebook Ads University

Flood Your Business with Hundreds of High-Quality Leads and Sales and Enjoy a More Predictable Business.

That's right - You're About to Gain Access to Facebook Marketing Secrets Gained Through Spending Over $$170,000 Per Month In Real-Life Tests In 25 Industries.

My name is Keith Krance. Around 5 years ago, I owned 4 local brick-and-mortar businesses. And I was always looking for cost effective ways to get new customers. I shudder to think how much money I wasted on advertising. I remember once spending $10,000 on a billboard and getting no measurable response. Ouch.

But then I discovered Facebook ads. I couldn't believe my luck. Now I could put a 'digital billboard' in front of my ideal prospects and only pay when they clicked to find out more. Eureka - I thought I'd hit the mother-load.

Since then Facebook advertising has come a long way (that's code for 'become really complicated'). But I've stayed on the cutting edge - running more than $5 million in tests for myself and my clients in more than 25 different industries.

What You Get:

Facebook Business Page Set Up
Different Types of Ads
Ad Objectives
9-Step Facebook Campaign Blueprint
10+ Checklists and Resource Guides
Live Monthly Webinars with Updates, Training, and Q&A
Easy to Implement Split-Testing
Power Editor Beginner and Advanced Trainings
Optimizing Your Campaigns
Advanced Optimization with Qwaya
How To Get News Media Attention with Facebook Ads
Conversion Tracking
Favorite Tools and Resources
Agency Bidding Strategies
Tracking and Measuring Guide
Hack the Facebook Newsfeed
Custom Audiences
Ads Manager Overview
Ad Creative that Works
Ad Copy and Landing Page Copy that Works
How to Sell on Facebook

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