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Designing A Tiny House With Sketchup

Designing A Tiny House With Sketchup | 1.74 GB

Whether you are a tiny home aficionado or just want to improve your SketchUp modeling skills, this course will help you build an entire home on wheels-with many clever space-saving features and a scope to keep you interested and challenged.

In this course, author Scott Onstott shows step-by-step how to build a tiny house, including every virtual stud, sheet of plywood, and appliance going into the project. Along the way, he explores SketchUp features such as components, groups, layers, and textures. By building a house in SketchUp in this detailed manner, you can work out any unforeseen spatial conflicts in the design and virtually eliminate construction problems before you are in the field.

Topics include:
* Importing the house plan
* Framing the structure
* Laying studs and framing walls
* Adding plywood sheathing
* Paneling the roof
* Adding trim, ShiChuang, and siding
* Adding interior plywood
* Modeling ShiChuang and frames
* Designing the bed, cabinets, counters, and shower
* Adding furniture
* Modeling the trailer
* Animating the tiny house design

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