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AmazoPartnering System - Jay Boyer's Exclusive Bonus

AmazoPartnering System - Jay Boyer's Exclusive Bonus

1. Amazon Hijack Protection

Case Study: The Amazon Sponsored Ads Goldmine

Amazon Sponsored Ads are the most profitable pay per click advertising available anywhere online, and absolute best way to launch your first physical product to Amazon. Jay created this Exclusive Bonus Training himself to show you how to 5x your return on investment with these super-powerful, super-targeted ads.
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1. What are Amazon Sponsored Ads?
2. Why use Amazon Sponsored Ads?
3. Case Study: a successful Sponsored Ads campaign
4. How to find keywords related to your Amazon product
5. How to set up a new Sponsored Ads campaign

Case Study: Jay's Best-Selling Amazon Kitchen Product REVEALED
Jay's Top Product: Case Study

In this complete case study Jay will walk you through the complete process of how he found his first Amazon FBA product, found a supplier, launched and promoted it (all in just 4 weeks time). This product has gone on to generate 6-figures in sales, and it's his best selling Amazon product to date.

Azon List Explosion
Azon List Explosion Guide
The KindlePub ToolKit
WP-EasyOptIn Plugin
WP-Squeeze-Pro Plugin

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1. Introduction: The Amazon 'Triple Whammy'
2. Why Amazon is a Marketer's Dream Come True
3. How to Tap Into Any Online Niche via Kindle
4. Turning a $.99 cent eBook Into a $99.00 Sale
5. Case Study (My No. 1 Niche Revealed!)
6. A Quick Overview of This System
7. Researching Your "Kindle Lead Rocket"
8. eBook Content Creation Strategies
9. Formatting and Publishing Your eBook
10. How to Create an Irresistible Free Offer
11. Creating a Squeeze Page
12. Setting up Your Aweber List
13. Setting up Your Followup Messages
14. Linking Out From Your eBook
15. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 1) - Introduction to WP-SqueezePage
16. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 1) - Installing WordPress
17. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 1) - Installing and Setting Up WP-SqueezePage
18. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 1) - Setting Up Squeeze Page List
19. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 1) - Copying Autoresponder to Squeeze Page and Testing Page
20. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 2) - Introduction to WP-Squeeze-Pro
21. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 2) - Installing WordPress
22. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 2) - Installing and Setting Up WP-Squeeze-Pro
23. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 2) - Setting Up Squeeze Page List
24. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 2) - Setting Up Squeeze Page with Autoresponder and Testing Page

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