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Step-by-Step Sexualized Flirting Training

Step-by-Step Sexualized Flirting Training
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Unhappy With Your Results With Women and Dating? Using 'Sexual Framing' I Went from 0 Lays to 26 (fully documented) in One Year. with even better results each year thereafter. What's more. I rarely went on a 'proper date' and spent almost no money. Here's one of the most powerful, easy to use and apply tactics from it.

Are you sick of talking to women day in and day out and seeing little or no results?

It doesn't seem to matter to the girls that you are "a catch" or that you're an all around good guy. They seem to go for the 'other guys.' The rich ones. Or, the bad boy types. Or, the jocks. or, whatever. it doesn't matter because whoever it is it's not you.

Well, you're not alone.

I used to be in the same boat. Shortly after my divorce I found myself thrust back into the dating world. It was a world I had never really mastered because I got married young and didn't have much experience.

The beginning was ROUGH!
By all measures I was considered a "catch" but I could scarcely get a woman interested.

I tried being nice. That seemed to be the worst possible choice. The nicer I was the less progress I made.

I tried being an asshole. That attracted SOME girls but not the right kind. And, frankly, it's not me so I couldn't keep up the charade long enough to 'close the deal.'

I tried all kinds of clever tricks and tactics but other than some mild interest, some numbers and dates it never got me far.

Through all of that I was LOSING women and opportunities to other guys and I really had no idea why.

I had almost gotten to the point where I thought women were just rude or superficial and only wanted idiots. but, then I stumbled onto something surprising.

I still remember it clearly to this day. I was sitting in the bookstore and a stream of women of all ages were going to the 'Romance' section.

It was non-stop. Old women, young women, hot women, not-so-hot women, professional women, blue-collar women. really every type you could imagine.

The other thing I noticed? They weren't just browsing, they were buying these books. Sometimes 4 or 5 at a time.

I got curious. I thought, "Hmm. if that's what they want maybe I should be more romantic." But, my idea of romantic was to be all flowery and suave and kiss her ass. I didn't like the idea but, damn it, if that's what it took to get laid I was going to do it!

Step-by-Step Sexualized Flirting Training

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