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Mastermind Your Way to Millions - Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen

Mastermind Your Way to Millions - Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen

Dan Kennedy (not on this program) says: "There is gold in them there old" Boy, is he right!

This is back from the dawn of serious info-preneuring (Allen's term). It details how Hansen and Allen masterminded with 41 of the elite marketers of their day to PRE-SELL one MILLION (physical) books.

(e.g. Halbert, Polish, Sugarman, Tracy, Kersey, Evans, etc. - full list below)

You will hear voices of over 40 experts who were significant internet marketing players back then - pioneers, but not always "gurus" - so you know their ideas were based in what really works vs. theory or what sells.

Listen to them try to one-up each other!

BTW, I DEFY you to find this anywhere else on the net. This was available to only a select few. Won't tell you how it happened to fall into my hands.

(Help me keep the secret - Please keep it within OSE only - Thanks)

HEY! If you cannot get at least ONE great marketing idea or angle, it is time to just give it up, baby.

*** This program has the audio but not the video (VHS anyone?), so you will get ALL the material, including the PDF manuals and transcripts. ***

Elite Mastermind Consciousness Mastermind Summit
Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen
Mastermind Your Way to Millions: How to Become an Information Multi-Millionaire!

So what idea do you have that is a million-dollar idea?
How do you know your idea is a million-dollar idea?
Who else agrees with you that your idea is a million-dollar idea?
Why are their opinions worth considering?
How can you find out whose opinions you should value and whose opinions you should not?
Who will buy your idea?
Will they buy it at a price that will make it profitable to you?
How profitable can it be?
Can you sell the idea when it is just an idea?

Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen

Daryl Allen
Diane Armitage
Janet Attwood
David Bojorquez
Becky Cabaza
John Carlton
Cindy Cashman
John Childers
Dr. Jerry Corsi
Dr. Katleen Cotter
Irene Dunlap
Liz Edlic
Elizabeth Estrada
Richard Paul Evans
Larry Goelman
Jim Griffin
Melanie Griffith
Scott Haines
Bond Halbert
Gary Halbert
Patty J. Hansen
Scott Isdaner
David A. Kekich
Ken Kerr
Cynthia Kersey
Dr. Chavanna King
Greg Link
Debbie Luican
Andy Martin
Denise Michaels
Tom Painter
Jeff Paul
Joe Polish
Dan Poynter
Victor Risling
Jerry Silver
Joe Sugarman
Brian Tracy
Barbara Varga
Ken Varga
Doug Wead
Lisa Williams

You are privileged to be witness to one of the most remarkable meetings of the great marketing minds of the century:

One-Minute Millionaire Marketing Mastermind Meeting
Hosted by Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen with 41 Expert Contributors

For 5 hours and 40 minutes, you can immerse yourself in the thought processes of these great minds.

You will hear and see many sides, attitudes, philosophies, and ideas, and you will come to realize how they each work together to build success.

Once you have viewed the videos or listened to the CDs, it is your turn to apply what these great minds have said to your own business, your own idea, your own genius thoughts.

Some of the manual's exercises may seem simplistic. But many great thinkers have come to the conclusion that simple is often best.
Some assignments may seem too hard or detailed, but out of detail and hard work flows genius and success.
Some activities may seem too introspective and demanding, but out of inspiration and perspiration emerge your uniqueness, which translates into perfection, satisfaction, and acceptance.
These all combine to make your idea, your products or services, and your businesses flourish and prosper.

This manual and the accompanying CD's form the foundation for your plan. Work diligently and enjoy your labors, for they will pay you back a million fold.

Steps to Your Emerging Millions:
1. Scan though this manual. Look for the gems of wisdom and prosperity know-how tips you will receive from the meeting transcript.
2. View the videos or listen to the CDs. Ggo through the complete meeting, get to know the hosts and the contributors.
Absorb the great depth of ideas that flow from them and take notes as you proceed through the meeting. (But don't let note taking distract you from your inner listening and receiving.)
3. Now, view the video or listen to the CDs a segment at a time as outlined in this manual.
Replay and review points of particular interest to you. Determine the key points for you and make detailed notes.
Apply them to your own idea, product or service, and business when applicable.
(Don't let personality override your acceptance or rejection of an idea.)
4. Finish all exercises in the manual except the last section, "Your Timeline."
5. Optional: Read the One-Minute Millionaire and other books referenced in the meeting and in the reference section of this manual. Read works by authors at the meeting that interested you.
6. Research and study your own situation to fine-tune your idea and the successful marketing of it.
Add additional notes and detail your plan of action.
7. Now, put this manual aside for a few days. Give yourself a breather.
Keep a notepad with you and jot down any ideas that come to you as you go about your daily life.
8. Go back to this manual, reread it, add more ideas, and delete others.
9. Finally, turn to the last section, "Your Timeline," and make a realistic timeline of action. Then proceed to follow it.
10. Enjoy and succeed. Millions will flow to you as a result.

The time is now. The plan lies before you, let it unfold, and you will soar unbounded to the pinnacles of the freedom and happiness that you want.

Table of Contents
Part One: The Idea and Contributors
Finding and Selling a Million-Dollar Idea . . . 12
Selling Yourself: Understanding the Art and Science of Selling Yourself and Your Idea . . . 35
Your One-Minute Introduction . . . 38
Winning Qualities/Characteristics Survey . . . 39

Part Two: The Question and Exploring Solutions
The Question: "If your loved one's life depended on it, how would you sell 1,000,000 books, prepublication?"
Presenting and Adapting Solutions That Can Take Your Idea and Turn It into Millions
(Part A Ideas #1-25) . . . 41
(Part B Ideas # 26-45) . . . 68

Part Three: Emerging Plan
Defining What You Want, Who Can Help You, and How They Can Help You Sell a Million Books Prepublication . . . 91
One-Minute Millionaire Marketing Plan . . . 94
Write Your Book Proposal . . . 112
Defining How Others Can Help You . . . 115
Million-Dollar Ideas for Making Millions . . . 140
Gary's Letter That Does It All for You . . . 145
More Great Ideas . . . 147

Part Four: Selling 1,000,000 Books Prepublication Great Ideas You, Too, Can Use From Free-Flow Thought That Centers on Solutions, Not Just One Solution . . . 149
Major Questions to Explore . . . 158

Bonus: After Hours with Mark, Bob and Friends
More Masterminding Ideas . . . 165
What It Takes to Get Someone to Open Your E-mail . . . 165
What It Takes to Get People to Support Your Book Selling Efforts . . . 168
Write Your Marketing Plan . . . 171
Write Your Timeline to a Million Sales . . . 172
Write Your Success Bio . . . 173

Resources & Contributors . . . 175

You may know Mark Victor Hansen better as "that Chicken Soup for the Soul guy®."
It's true. The last handful of years has seen Mark and his business partner, Jack Canfield,
create what Time magazine calls "the publishing phenomenon of the decade"
with more than 68 million Chicken Soup for the Soul® books sold
in North America alone. But the Chicken Soup idea was just one of many
that has propelled Mark Victor Hansen into a worldwide spotlight
as one of the most dynamic and compelling personalities of our time.

Robert Allen is one of America's most influential financial advisors who has shared his successful wealthbuilding
techniques in popular seminars for the past 20 years throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Thousands of millionaires - representing billions in wealth - attribute their success to his teachings.
His infomercials are legendary and his bestsellers have sold millions of copies. Multiple Streams of Income,
Creating Wealth, and The Challenge shared his powerful money making systems.
But it was the New York Times #1 bestseller -
Nothing Down: A Proven Program That Shows You How To Buy Real Estate With Little or No Money Down -
that remains his signature book and serves as the all-time real estate investment classic used by beginning investors.
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