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Brand Licensing Dynasty - $997

Brand Licensing Dynasty - $997

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Are you a manufacturer or a brand owner looking for dramatic ways to grow your business?

Join Pete Canalichio, the Brand Licensing Expert, for this 6-part webinar series where he shows you how to grow your business quickly and generate massive profits.

Pete will take you through an overview of brand licensing, and how you can use our Proprietary 8-step Brand Licensing Process to accelerate your business' growth.

The webinars include:

The Brand Licensing Guidebook
Defining Your Brand Licensing Game Plan
Scouting for Playmakers
Getting Ready for the Draft
Signing Your Dream Team
Grooming Perennial Champions

The Brand Licensing Guidebook

The mp3 recording from this webinar takes you through a complete highlight of brand licensing. It covers topics such as what is brand licensing, why companies license, what are the benefits to manufacturers and brand owners. In the webinar, Pete introduces you to our Proprietary 8-step Brand Licensing Process. In webinars 2 through 6, he delves deeper into each of the 8 steps and why they are important to your long term success.

As the first of a 6-part webinar series, this webinar will prepare you to go successfully down the path of brand licensing.

View a sample of the webinar:

The Brand Licensing Guidebook
View more presentations from Pete Canalichio

Defining Your Brand Licensing Game Plan

Now that you know what brand licensing is and have determined it is a good fit for you, the next step is to determine you brand licensing game plan, i.e., what categories you should extend your brand into and what tactics should you employ to make them a success.

This webinar covers steps 1 (Identify Where to Play) and 2 (Determine How to Win) of the 8-step process. The presenter, Pete Canalichio, will coach you on the techniques used by world class companies when extending their brands. If you are a manufacturer, this session will be especially helpful in guiding you as to which brand or brands will be a good fit to license for your product or service.

Once you have a good idea about where the brand should play, you need to determine the best tactic for how to win. Pete will share with you a technique that assesses a company's internal capabilities to help you determine whether you should extend your brand via manufacturing, sourcing, acquiring or licensing. Depending on your internal capabilities, resources and financial strength, this technique will help illustrate the best method to achieve your brand extension goals.

The second of a 6-part webinar series, this webinar will help you determine categories for brand extension and the best method to achieve them.

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