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Richard Bandler & John LaValle - DHE2000

Richard Bandler & John LaValle - DHE2000

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After about 10 years, it's time to update to Design Human Engineering™, dhe, the state of the art technology which allows you to design your internal environment in ways which will optimize your success through developing powerful states, which propel you into exhilaration of learning, creating more abundance, and happiness each day of your life. Richard Bandler, co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, dhe, and the creator of Design Human Engineering™, is the creative genius whose discoveries have generated the state-of-the-art technologies that comprise NLP, including strategies, timelines, meta-models, and the latest development, Design Human Engineering. John La Valle has been co-training with Richard for many years now.

While NLP keeps breaking human behavior into smaller and smaller chunks, Design Human Engineering, dhe, is the model by which larger and larger parts of human experiences are put together to operate successfully.

Fourteen (14) CD's of Richard Bandler & John La Valle live, teaching and demonstrating their latest innovations in communication models in a dhe seminar held in Orlando, Florida in February 2000. These DHE2000 CD's are designed to be an additional classic for all who want to evolve even more into the next century.

Some material may be considered controversial with adult language, but we recognize the vast range of flexibility in language.

The list price for the set is $500.00. The introductory price is $350.00.

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