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LinuxCBT Parallel-SSH Edition
LinuxCBT Parallel-SSH Edition
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Introduction - Parallel-SSH - Features
Explore features and benefits
Provide use-case examples
Contrast standard SSH with Parallel-SSH
Identify Target Hosts
Explore topography
Explore environment

Standard Secure Shell | Features | Usage | Implementation
Contrast both toolkits
Explore 'ssh' use-cases
Use 'scp' for non-interactive secure copies
Use 'sftp' to interactively move data
Identify existing usage keys
Generate requisite usage keys
Populate usage keys on target nodes
Confirm node accessibility
Run simple commands on distributed nodes
Confirm PROD environment

Parallel-SSH | Features | Usage
Enumerate important features
Prep list of distributed | cluster nodes
Evaluate Password-AUTH
Enable PKI Password-less AUTH
Specify hosts manually and automatically
Perform tasks on multiple nodes simultaneously
Confirm tasks have been executed
Troubleshoot as needed

Parallel-SCP | Features | Usage
Discuss use cases
Discuss caveats
Contrast with traditional 'scp'
Propagate content to distributed nodes in parallel
Restrict parallelism to improve performance
Confirm content availability
Address issues that arise

Parallel-RSYNC | Features | Usage
Discuss key opportunities
Contrast with traditional 'rsync'
Highlight 'rsync' benefits
Explore general usage
Mirror content via recursion
Troubleshoot missing 'rsync'
Move data as conjured
Evaluate overall usage

Parallel-SLURP | Use-Cases
Discuss features
Contrast with common Parallel-SSH tools
Contrast with traditional Linux | Unix equivalents
Explore general usage
Test with wildcard
Archive system configuration files ad-hoc
Contrast with defaults
Enable temporary synchronization configuration
Consider non-existing files on targets
Evaluate footprint of slurps
Highlight caveats
Evaluate results

Parallel-NUKE | Use-Cases
Highlight features
Contrast with $SHELL access
Launch processes for execution
Execute various processes
Execute arbitrary service
Contrast service with regular process
Trace service execution results
Evaluate results

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