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Tai Lopez - Yellow Belt MBA

Tai Lopez - Yellow Belt MBA

Millionaire Mentor Interviews (Orange Belt), The Mini MBA ( Blue Belt) The Entrepreneur's Code ( Yellow Belt) and the VIP Private Mentor Program (White Belt)

This is not for the boys, this is more legal/advice
type of course for people who are serious about
founding their own companies...

This guy owns more then 10, so he is more than
welcome to advice you...
The idea is that by listening to this course you can save
precious time and learn how to do it right(sooner - better)...

He claims that 18 months are enough to start growing your biz...
Knows lot of people, have 5 mentors, large number of partners,
and he is also a bookworm :)...
The more you learn, the more you earn is his motto, and i totally
agree with that!

8 lessons are inside(with intro), course is over 5h long, but not so hard to listen...
If you don't need the legal part, just listen the first few ones...

The golden nugget is this:
He is the first man, that i seen in im world to said: You know what
you are good for, so just do it, it's been already written and you must
work on your strongest points, if you want to be successful...
The point being you cant change much, and you have to pick your
battles very smart.
His advice is also, change the product/tactic, don't change the industry.
That is true, stop running from the clash, you will never learn anything...
A lot of good quotes and points, but as i said this would be more
beneficial to advanced people, with some more cash maybe...
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