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Dr Patrick Porter - Neurolinguistics Programming

Dr Patrick Porter - Neurolinguistics Programming
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They have to stay ABSOLUTELY here on TP as I paid for the training a big amount of money and I don't want to risk anything if they are leaked outside. This is a personal gift to this community I love and I hope you will keep them here.

If you are interested I will go on uploading materials from Iquim
How NLP has made rapport a science and how to easily get on anybody's wavelength with these hidden secrets.
- When to match and when to mirror. Knowing how to use this approach will help you build trust-and how doing it wrong will lead to a break in rapport.
-How to adjust your voice, language, and pacing to elegantly connect with other people.
- Trained in how simple adjustments to the way you breathe can have a powerful influence on other people - they feel they can trust you, but they don't quite know why!
- Why state management is key to mastering any skill and how to turn feelings of fear or anxiety into confidence and motivation in less than a minute.
- The NLP technique to develop natural confidence.
- How to leverage the mind through the use of a client's representational systems: Learn how we see, hear, and touch the world around us.
- Sensory Acuity: You will learn exercises that will have your clients believing you must be psychic.
- Eye Accessing Cues: You will learn why our eyes give away what we're thinking without a single word leaving our mouths - and how you can use this to accurately predict people's thoughts.
- The secrets of your own senses and get in touch with your intuition.
- You will become aware of information to which 99% of all people are oblivious.
- You will tap into your ability to see and hear things that are effectively invisible to the average person on the street.
- Master the Zone: Tap into your ability to massively heighten your awareness.
- He will go over the presuppositions of NLP in-depth, and how to apply them like a master.
- Learn the hidden power of predicates. You will learn to hear the cues in other people's language and adjust your communication style to build deep rapport and understanding.
- How to use mind movies in or out of trance. Discovering how you create your own version of reality and how to enter other people's worlds to gain better understanding.
- Well Formed Outcomes: How to set goals in a way that almost guarantees success.
- He will train you in the TOTE model. With this understanding you will be able to set up minute-to-minute feedback as an essential first step in doing any NLP change work - with yourself or others.
- He will train you in the meta-Model. You will learn over a dozen questions that cut to the chase when it comes to gaining a clear path to your clients' goals and solving problems.
- The keys to the Milton Model using this powerful linguistic model to talk to any client's other-than-conscious mind and to induce change states in your clients.
- How to calibrate, allowing you to ask a straightforward yes/no question and check for response without your client even knowing you've asked it (and that's just for starters).
- How NLP professionals have taken anchoring to new levels and learn to overtly or covertly anchor a client's thoughts and feelings so you can get them to feel those feelings again, instantly.
- How to use the SAY YES pattern and get people saying yes so much that they don't even think of saying anything else.
- How to use stories to covertly get the results you want.
- How to use hypnotic language to get people moving in the direction you want them to go.
- The Fast Phobia Release. With this technique your clients will learn how to eliminate fears and phobias with this fast and effective process - some therapist make a good living doing this one technique alone!
- About language ambiguities to make suggestions directly to a client's other-than-conscious mind. You will know how to be artfully vague in order to bring about covert, fast, and lasting change.
- How to use embedded commands, allowing you to hide messages inside other messages and communicate covertly with a client's other-than-conscious mind.
- How to use strategies to elicit what it is that enables a client to excel at one task and then use that same strategy to get similar results in other areas.
- The power of time distortion to literally speed up or slow down your client's perception of time with ease - a multi-purpose tool
- The language of influence.
- The difference between re-framing and pre-framing in language.
- The nine must-have NLP techniques that can be used for virtually any client issue.

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