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Den Lennie - Advanced Video Lighting
Den Lennie - Advanced Video Lighting

Den Lennie's Advanced Video Lighting

Solve Your Biggest Lighting Problems, in Only 2 Hours...

If you're you the type of film maker often feels like you are under pressure?
And you find yourself on location wondering what to do with a set up and
wishing you had the right lights with you?

Does your anxiety raise when the client is only 30 minutes away and you're
staring motionless at yet another horrible room with overhead flourescents and
mixed lighting?

Then, what do you do when the client says they don't like it can you do
something else.... and you've just spent half an hour trying to make it look

The Good News is....

There is an easy solution that you can apply Today that will remove that
anxiety of staring at a plain room forever.

Den has created a brand new 2 hour interactive program called Advanced Video
Lighting which adresses all of the most common issues you are likely to face as
a one-man-band shooter.

Here's What This Is All about:

� How To Overcome The Nightmare Of Lighting in Mixed Lighting Environments

� Revealed: The Optimum One-Man-Band Lighting kit

� How to Make Great iImages Working Under Ugly Flourescent Office Lights

� How To Light A Person Standing Against a Window ( This Was a Really
Common Challenge)

� Controlling Light in Confined Spaces - How to Do It & What are the Right
Lights To Use

� How To Make Ordinary Offices Look Cinematic & Create Different Moods
With Minimal Lighting

� Learn The Truth About LED's Before You Make a Costly Mistake, Den Finally
Reveals His Views

Price: $147.00

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