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The Gnomon Workshop - Texturing Environments with Mari
The Gnomon Workshop – Texturing Environments with Mari
Duration 2h 35m MP4

In this lecture, Jessica Canter demonstrates how to create a highly detailed environment using Maya, Mudbox and Mari.
She begins by modeling a detailed bridge and then blocks-in the cliffs using primary forms. The cliffs are then brought into Mudbox to sculpt the fine details. Jessica

then brings them into Mari for texturing. At first Jessica introduces new Mari users to the interface and talks about how to organize a project. She then paints the

models in Mari while discussing painting techniques used to texture large environments. Finally, the textures are exported out of Mari and brought back into Maya for

final rendering using Arnold. Jessica discusses the process of working with different programs, including how to prep your model to work within Mari, and how to work

with UDIMS in Maya. Artists of any level, interested in learning from a master texture artist, will learn techniques both in technical workflows and artistic design


Working with Reference
Modeling the Bridge in Maya
Modeling the Cliffs in Mudbox
Laying out Your Scene
Prepping Models for Mari
Intro to mari
Organizing Your Project in Mari
Starting to Texture, Using Projections
Painting Mid-Level Detail
Painting Small Detail
Level of Detail
Texturing the Bridge
Creating Bump and Spec
Exporting your Maps
UDIM Shader set-up in Maya, and Final Renders with Arnold


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