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Intro to Volume Management with LVM

LVM Provisioning
Discuss features and benefits
Identify storage configuraiton
Segment storage to accomodate LVM
Flag volumes accordingly
Incorporate volumes under LVM management
Create Volume Group
Abstract Volume Group into LVM Logical Volume

Storage Expansion
Disucss applications
Identify current storage configuration
Provision additional partition space
Incorporate flagged partition space under LVM management
Extend Volume Group with new Storage
Extend underlying LVM Logical Volume with new Storage
Extend underlying File System (FS) to support new space
Evaluate online resizing of LVM Volume
Confirm results

Merge | Split Volumes
Disucss use-case scenarios
Generate new Volume configuration
Create data footprint with checksum
Collapse new Volume into existing Volume
Merge Volumes
Identify LVM Volume resources post-merge
Confirm availability of content via checksum
Reverse process via Split
Confirm split Volumes and associated data
Discuss results

Import | Export Volumes
Disucss applicability
Discuss common steps
Flag volume for export
Shift volume between virtual nodes
Attach shifted volume to new node
Imort volume to new node
Confirm import and ensure data are intact
Confirm checksum

Volume Striping
Discuss Volume Aggregation benefits
Implement single-striped volume and evaluate PE allocation
Alter volume to support multiple stripes
Confirm equal spread of striping information across Physical Volumes (PVs)
Stripe data as needed and discuss ramifications
Evaluate and discuss findings

Volume Mirroring
Disucss supported mirroring options
Implement single copy mirror with in-memory (core) LOG
Fail mirror and evaluate response
Spread mirror via reconfiguration across multiple devices
Dedicate one mirror volume to LOG data to improve recoverability
Fail mirror and evaluate behavior
Discuss alternative configurations to improve responsiveness

Discuss applicability
Identify key commands
Take snapshots of volume at various points-in-time
Generate I/O in-between point-in-time snapshots
Contrast snapshot data with original volume
Compare various snapshot data
Write to snapshot volume
Discuss features and use-cases

Physical Volume (PV) Migration
Discuss applicability
Select system and identify LVM components
Reorganize LVM Components for Migration
Simulate failed PV and move extents to remaining members
Allocate storage for extents migration
Move extents and confirm new allocation
Move extents to specific target and evaluate
Confirm online access to data during migration
Consider various applications of PV migration



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