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3D TUTORIAL.COM Extreme Character Creation DVD-HELL
3D TUTORIAL.COM Extreme Character Creation DVD-HELL | ISO | 1.21 GB

What's Inside: For the INTERMEDIATE level user, this series assumes that you already have a reasonable understanding of the XSI user interface and toolset. This new tutorial is over 5 (FIVE) HOURS long, and consists of a self-paced technical lecture comprised of 8 modules and 54 video lectures! The purpose of this series while focusing on character work is designed to demonstrate a wider range of artistic techniques, thus illustrating how important it is to have a generalist profile in a production with the ability to work within a mixed pipeline. It shows all the stages of the production of an animated shot and
how intrinsically connected all the stages of the production process are. The Series starts with geometry creation and ends with final composition visiting 5 different software applications during the process including SOFTIMAGE|XSI, Wings 3D, Photoshop, Zbrush & Digital Fusion.

This series is aimed at professionals who are specialized and want to spread their knowledge to other aspects of 3d, It is also aimed novice XSI artists interested in knowing a bit of everything that XSI can do. This series shows a few interesting procedures and tricks that can help both professionals and newcomers in their day-to-day tasks and also proves that with a streamlined pipeline and methods, 3d animation can be done at home in a very short amount of time. The final animation created in this series was done in less than 30 hours of which 16 hours were recorded to be then cut into the final 5 hours, which comprises this lecture.

What will you learn? Well, apart from the obvious use of tools and which buttons to push etc, the main aspect of this series is to show how to optimize and streamline your production. You will learn how to organize your assets in a clean and straightforward manner, allowing the artist to focus only in what he needs to and not waste time on management issues after a long list of assets have been created.

What really makes this series different from other training materials is that it is not preachy and does not talk down to you. It shows Mario Ucci over a period of a few days working at home on own material and having a lot of fun along the way. Mario talks to the student as if he was seated beside him, chatting about what he?s doing and more importantly why. You can even expect to get a few personal opinions about the industry and art along the way. This series has an almost causal feel that will make the student really
comfortable while listening and learning. It is also full of small hints & tips on several different subjects that Mario has gathered during his time at top production companies like Passion-Pictures (gorillaz) and The Mill. Mario?s main goal with this series is to prepare, or at least get XSI artists started on how XSI works as a whole and having those guys ready to develop their own techniques and a greater XSI community. Also, to have those creative minds eager to create their own short movies in their personal time, prepared to do so in a short time and in an organized manner. We believe that this
series will give the artists the necessary reference for creating their own short animations

The main benefit of this series is the close proximity with the artist. Mario Ucci shares his entire process and behind the scenes thoughts required to create the final animation. In the same way artists chat about techniques during a normal day at work, Mario chats about the creation of the scene and that is how the audience will be able to assimilate what?s been done and said in a very natural way. It also shows a lot about artistic decisions during the process and how to develop an artistic eye and an artistic opinion, which is more, related to art direction rather than just a software specific explanation.

At the end of the day, to learn a new technique, which buttons to push, is fast and anyone can do it. However, to know how to apply those techniques to create something unique and personal is something much more complicated and it is, in CG industry, something often ignored. Mario does his best to provide abit of this as well.

Extreme Character creation is not just about technique; it?s about style and artistic personality. NO geometry or scene database files are included with this series, it is assumed that you are of a skill level sufficient to create your own.

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