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Badboy DNA Techniques Bundle

Badboy DNA Techniques Bundle

You are About to See 'Tools and Techniques' I was teaching behind Closed doors on my Private Seminars for past 6 years.

Techniques that got me more then 400 girls in past 10 years.

Knowledge, skills I am about to give you took me years to develop and more years to fine tune till perfection.

For years, I was against releasing this knowledge to masses.

Because not every guy on this planet deserves to be successful with woman. On this Planet 20% of man is sleeping with 80% of woman.

And that's how it has to stay!

We - Players, Playboys do not like to share "our" woman with average Man. Our knowledge & secrets is not something that average man deserves to posses.

You may ask why I decided to publish my knowledge?

See, I was teaching Tools & Techniques Only to chosen men on Seminars and Workshops around planet.

Since I don't teach anymore, I decided to record my Legacy and release it for next generation.

You never had a chance to attend Famous Badboy workshop?

It doesn't matter, because you are about to sit on one of his Private coaching. And this time he will be teaching You!

The whole premise of the DVD's is that there is a guy that represents YOU that has no clue when it comes to approaching and seducing women, and BadBoy trains him like he is in a 1 on 1 session with YOU.

Yes That's true.

It's almost as if I'm coming to your house, sitting at your computer, and personally answering your every question about using this Method.

Tools and Techniques worked for every guy that I thought over past 6 years, and it will work for you as well.

This is not one of those boring Seminar dvd with bunch of theory & flip chart.

While watching this dvd's, you will feel as if you are with me in middle of Club, doing approaches with me, learning from me in the club.

To Make this dvds, I rented several NightClub's, placed hot girls all over club, and without loud music and noise demonstrating you what works on them and what doesn't.

We did it this way so you can listen conversation and learn from it, without noise and distractions.

I will show you every possible scenario that can happen in club environment and how to solve it. Is it a 2 girls, 3 girls, mixed groups, groups with boyfriends, all of it.

Tons of examples of how regular guys are approaching girls, their mistakes. and the "Proper way".

This is your chance to see from inside how a Pro Playboy does it, You will learn by watching me in action, the way I do it.

This dvd's ar full of action, examples, live approches.

Ask yourself:

How many times have you seen girl you liked in club but you had no idea how to approach her?

How many times you DIDN'T approached girl you liked because you didn't know WHAT TO SAY?

How many times she was surrounded with her girlfriends and that scared you away?

How many times you seen beautiful girl hanging out with her friends during daytime and you had no idea how to approach them?

You will never ever have to worry "what are you going to say", or what's your next move.

Once you learn the Structure of successful seduction, you will know every second where are you and what is your next step to get that girl you are seducing.

You will learn how to remove all your insecurities, and that will transform you into Man that woman desire.

Wherever you see true dominant confident guy, who is successful with woman, this is how he will be approaching them.
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